Beta 2 World PVP and Battlegrounds Feedback


Hi everyone, we’d love to hear your experience with regards to the World PVP and the Battlegrounds system. You can read about how each of them work in-depth here.

Let us know if you experience any issues. Thanks!


Done 2 battlegrounds, so much fun! Few things though:

  • Long names on the scoreboard cut off the number of kills
  • Healing numbers not showing correct, Rocka was healing for 1 team and Infraggable for the other team, you can see that players got Inc Heals but only showing 65k total heals done so numbers don’t add up at all
  • Infraggable clipped through the wall at one of flag locations due to his big play area and basically walked in and out of the wall to shoot me and then hide from my shots while he healed back up
  • We think 5v5 would be a lot more fun
  • Would be good to have a mini map or flag colour indicator with the flag locations/colours up by the exp bar or something as if you don’t get to read the pop up message it’s very easy to lose track of what colour the flags are
  • Something to show which colour team you are
  • Flag number above each flag so we know which is which as it can be a little confusing


It would also be nice if it was split up by teams and showed the final score.


pvp world has major issues with stuck in combat and the 15% bonus dos not apply to items or harvestable sofar


The Harvestables bonus is not in yet, since we haven’t re-done the harvesting yet (we are making changes to how it works). The 10% XP bonus should be active, though.

Thanks for feedback on BGs glad you are liking them! We will definitely work on all that.


Ya, I had to test that as Recroom’s early paintball had a lot of people walking in and out of cover before they fixed it.

I REALLY had fun playing the World PvP and look forward to more!


For Science! :joy::joy::joy:


For world PvP, if you have PvP enabled you cannot use your teleporter. Also, if you die from a mob you drop your loot. Curious if that was intended?


Another thing to add to the battleground feedback, cure wound orb gets taken out of our inventory on joining, is this intended?


Hmmm that’s strange. It should allow through anything that is a piece of equipment. I will investigate.


Yes it’s intended you drop loot right now from any source, we may make that only happen if you have been damaged by a Player in e.g. the last few minutes or something though.

By teleporter do you mean your Home Teleporter?


You can teleport to the ledge around the top of the base in battlegrounds but can’t teleport down, if you try to heal yourself while up there the heals will go on the ground below without healing you


there were ramps but i didnt have time to get proper colliders in for spells and orbs to collide with the upper story so I removed the ramps. Ill be reworking the level before the next test.


yes home teleporter is disabled when you turn world pvp on


If you have world PvP on, you can be attacked while doing a dragon race. I don’t know about making all race areas safe zones, but it might be nice if you were considered “safe” while controlling your dragon. If not, perhaps include a warning when starting a race while PvP is on which lets you know your body will be vulnerable while you are racing.

So far, I am liking the battleground a lot. As others mentioned, a better way to see who controls what would be nice, but it is absolutely critical that the ability to teleport through walls is addressed. If it isn’t, I don’t see battlegrounds being very successful without everyone agreeing to not wall teleport/lean. Also, the battleground is very samey, flat, and boring. It would be nice to change the scenery slightly around each point so that it is easier to tell where you are. I would also like to see some of the points be different from each other, rather than just square walls. It would be interesting to include things like cover and verticality in pvp map design.


Just to make sure this is noted so people know, we are planning to add a system in to address this (not just in Battlegrounds but in the whole game). I’m not sure when it will be in exactly, hopefully next test, but it is on the way, so it will no longer be possible to walk into walls, ground, etc. (e.g. your screen will turn black and the server will force you to move out of them).


I haven’t been able to try the battlegrounds yet, it looks like there’s a bug where the queue cancel itself after a while (we queued up as a group of 4 a few times and were doing quests while waiting for the queue to fill but later we found we weren’t in queue anymore, for apparently no reason).


By any chance did your party change at all, and it may have slipped your mind? You get kicked out of the queue when your add or remove people from the party.

Another possibility is something messed up when it found you a match, and you never joined it. I’ll probably add some text notification that players will get when they get kicked out of queue for whatever reason, or they find a match. Then if something weird is happening, you guys can report it with some more detail.

I do know when we tested the matchmaking with only 6 people (teams if 3), we had one instance where something messed up. We had the 6 of us queue up as parties of 2-2-1-1. So teams should split into 2-1 vs 2-1. However, when the match started, one party of 2 never joined, and the teams in the match were 2 vs 1-1. So something similar may have happened with your group.

So has anyone done a match with where no one quit out, but it started with less than 8 people?


After we did one of the premade 4v4 groups we all left party and queued up solo to see if that worked as Kamina said he was having trouble getting into battlegrounds when we saw him earlier on when we bumped in to him.

we joined up and when we entered we had 1 person instantly leave, it wasn’t someone on our discord so I can’t confirm it but I think it might possibly have been a crash, if you log out while in a battleground it kicks you out, also there was 1 person who was afk for the whole game so it became 2v4, krunk left to even the numbers out which put it back to 2v3 but I was very tired and a little drunk so I also left which made it 1v3

I think it would be good if you could have it so if there is a game running and someone is afk for the 1st minute of the game then they get auto booted and then if there is someone missing from a team then it will pull a new player in from the queue to even the teams out and make it so players can more actively get into battlegrounds


When Me and Shiki had a group of 4 in the que it took us out without ever changing the party