Beta 2 World PVP and Battlegrounds Feedback


I’m a huge fan of the BG so far!

Rickness did a great job of listing the issues with it already.


Really enjoy the BG. I’m not normally a big pvp fan, but BG making everyone ‘equal’ at least in stats was a nice change. Going in knowing you have a team and you won’t be backstabbed while working together to distract the enemy team and take their points. This is what Orbus was missing. PvP is fun. It’s all about how it’s setup.


I completely agree! I’m not a fan of world PvP but I’ve had so much fun with the battlegrounds


Please do implement it in the beta, and add a extream walled area so we get to test it properly

Sticky walls moving with me, unreachable corners, and sudden unavidable screen blackouts when you try to walk past obsticles has made me quit several vr games, including dungeon knight.

Not beeing able to reach something you can see is extremely frustrating.

I prefer the one where you can walk into the wall, but that sends you into a seperet eternal wall dimension :-p


Finally did some battlegrounds today and i completely love it!
There is a bug at the Flag 2 where you can teleport on top of the walls and be stuck there until you die


The teleported not working at all for world pvp is a real pain, if your far of in some corner of the map, or get stuck.

Especially when I just forgot to turn it off :-p

Also there should be a warning floating in the air again when you leave highstep with pvp on.

Maybe a alternative pvp teleport that takes you to a none safe zone 3-5 min walk from highstep? Or that you can teleport by leaving your items behind?


Is there a level scale set for world pvp? I seem to one-shot low levels, and they do almost no damage to me.


That indicates it’s not scaled


There probably should be , I get the feeling world pvp is not ment to have level 30 players killing all the starters trying the world pvp function for the first time


I mean, that’s the risk of having PvP on, if a low level can gank a high level, whats the point of levelling up in that case


Well if you scale it to a 2 level difference you at least have to concentrate as you shank a group of beginners:-p
Now you can just walk past them, drop one totem, and wipe the group :smiley:


We have gone back and forth on having the World PvP matched or unmatched. Right now it is unmatched.

I have said though that there are going to be some safe zones added to the world, and in addition to the graveyards there will likely be one around the immediate vicinity of Highsteppe so that you can’t just farm people coming out the gates.


It makes it a bit to easy to pvp, with little risk.
Even with safe zones that’s just moving the problem.

I’m imagining level 10 players with world pvp on entering lamavora with a group, and then you get a player close to 30 guarding the exit.

You can’t pass him, ganging up won’t help, and any aoe effect will instantly kill you and send you back to lamavora.

My idea:
A near level scaling, so a group of low levels can kill a high level if they know what they are doing.

A respawn system for just world pvp where every time you die you spawn at the graveyard nearer highstep, so you don’t get locked out.


Yeah I mean I can see why people would want it both ways. Unmatched because it makes being a high-level PvP player really mean something, but matched because otherwise essentially there’s little point in PvP’ing if you’re not Level 30.

Since BGs are all even and scaled we decided for now to make World PvP unmatched. We could also make it matched which would use the same -4 to +4 system of the PvE content. If we did that I think a 10 vs a level 2 or 3 would still end up heavily favored for the 10, but as you said if you had a group of 5 Level 3’s vs a 10 it might be more interesting.

At any rate, I’m open to feedback on this, so if anyone else wants to chime in as well, feel free!


It is already happening, a bunch of people were at the event, all PvP off, the 1 or 2 highest got PvP on, they show as impossible stars to me so why on earth should I suicide. The level boost is practically useless if I loose all my items all the time having no chance as a low level against the higher which are farming.
But my voice isn’t important because I don’t do world PvP anyways. I will check out BGs though, liked them back in WoW and with all equal and people not joining that queue to farm or level or what all, but only to fight and compare skills I actually do think it’s fun.


My fear is if world pvp becomes “don’t do it until you’re level 25+” it will drive away a lot of potential players and create drama both ingame and the forum. Like the trickster chest “if I don’t stand a chance why should I bother?” The 10% xp boost goes to a select group of players, naive new players will be turned off from the game, and resentment will grow towards the few and vast minority of players that will camp lowbie zones and harass players.


With the current huge difference in hp and attack I’d say a 2-3 level scaling differens wold make everything a bit more fun for starters, at least giving a ilusion of :
“That was close, almost managed to get my stuff back, I can kill him if I just level a bit”

And not the:
“Well shit, one shot. Good bye gear, I’m not going to pvp again”


Like I said in a post a few days ago, this kind of thing is going to happen with world pvp. A great example was yesterday for me. I was leveling with pvp on, got killed mid fight. Not a huge deal, but now I have to keep my eyes peeled for the really high level player camping my zone. I don’t view the first kill as a kind of “troll move”, but it does become an issue when people start camping that starting zone just because.

Now we all understand that an easy way to avoid this is to simply turn off the option. In my case well…I can’t exactly do that. The exp increase is so good! Coming back to my previous post, I am interested in seeing how this will play out. Players who log in day 1 and rush with pvp on will see the most of it and players who start even a few days later will be almost forced to not use Wpvp if the others camp spawns.


Making it matched so there is only a ±2 difference would be very fair in my opinion. It gives thre higher level player a big advantage, but still makes it possible to take him out with enough people or skill(I’ve personally 1v3ed as a lvl 18 3 lvl 20s)


As someone that will be using it all the time and really enjoys seeing the results of my leveling efforts I think a midway point will be fine. It definitely should be ± a few more levels than the additional buff dungeon gear can make up for.