Beta 2 Zone/Environment Feedback


Hi everyone, in this session there are many changes/additions that would be related to this topic -

  • You can now access Highsteppe! It’s still a work in progress, but there are some NPCs and you can generally explore the whole city.
  • The player house has now more rooms you can access!
  • The Lamavora Frontier is now available! You can go to it from the starting zone and it will have new monster types to fight.
  • The movement grid has been changed in a major way which should let you approach things a little closer.

NOTE: the grid is also still a work in progress and we’re aware of some issues with uneven terrain sometimes causing issues such as bridges (this causes vertical movement like small steps up and down when crossing bridges currently, they will be getting replaced to allow smooth movement across them.)

Let us know what you think of the new places to explore and if you’re having any issues while doing so!

Known Bugs:

  1. Bridges cause too much vertical movement when walking over- There will be new models this is caused by the new player nav mesh we are using
  2. It rains inside buildings/Tunnels (highsteppe/caves/etc)


Interesting pathing here. Not sure if it is a bug, or intended, but you can teleport to the top of this fence. This is a little sticky outy dock near Highsteppe. Highsteppe is to the right in this picture.


Highstep tree seems to also have a huge vertical area, maybe 10-12m high that you can get ontop of, from the interior.


For Dragon Racing, if you have your menu open when you give the treat to your dragon you can’t close it and it just sits in front of your face until you get out of the race. Also when you finish a race you just kinda loose all collision and can fly through stuff for a bit. Noticed this on the Maze race since it ends at a wall so you end up going through it and the next wall.
I don’t see a better topic for this, but I’ve noticed this time that when you open the menu it opens in the direction your belt stuff is facing, which can cause it to be skewed to the side. I don’t remember this being in the first beta. I like the way the belt moves, but I’d like the menu to always be in front of me when I open it.
When I went to the Apprentice Smith, part of his text had a black box around it that was flashing like it was moving in and out of the new menu color:


Highsteppe looks incredibly cool!
Music is great there too.

One compaint. The smith is too loud. You can hear it everywhere in Highsteppe. Other than that Highsteppe is basically WOW! Best environment so far.


Really loving Highstep. It’s looking like an awesome hubtown to hang around in. Looking forward to all the other little changes that will happen to the town.

Also I am enjoying the look of the chaos creatures and their animations. OH and whoever made that fog for the shaman class is awesome. They made our big group of people squeal with delight in its cuteness.

One point that needs to be fixed is the rain. It rotates with the headset and is really annoying.


The wooden bridge going from the public event/witch hill area to the sky high dragon race area is super horrible to move over, really needs checking out


He mentioned above they got you covered! =D


I find it pretty annoying that your house has so many “instanced” doors now, it really hurts immersion. Is it necessary for every room to be seperate, or is it possible to combine some or all of the rooms into one instance with working doors or open door frames?

Highsteppe feels a bit too big and spread out honestly. I know it won’t be quite so empty once all the NPC’s are added, but the cool part about the old Highsteppe is that it concentrates everyone in a small area. The streets in new Highsteppe are so wide you can barely hear players talking on the other side. Just scaling the entire city as is down about 25% could help with this.

I noticed a lot of mobs pathing up sheer rock faces, especially the non-terrain rocks.


May I ask if the lifewell orb’s light can be muted a bit please, it’s super bright and is hard to see though
Graphic settings on Normal on this screenshot, moved to Medium later and brightness did not change.


I love the room in the player house that has a shelf of critters that you’ve caught, but after I had a little cuddle with the squirrel stuffy, I couldn’t get it back up on the shelf, it just kept falling through the shelves.


Highsteppe looks great, but it doesn’t feel to scale. Everything feels like it was made for giants. The windows are an example. The bottom of the windowsill is the top of my irl window.


Also I love the music in the Cenn Critter Capture room in highsteppe. I just wish it was played in more places. I’d have listened to it on repeat as my life’s theme song, but I could only stay in a tiny room with a tiny man for so long before I got bored. Can I have the audio file so I can jam all the time?!


Ok, Lamavora I found a bit disappointing since it seems totally similar to the Highsteppe surroundings. Same rocks, same trees, barely any flowers. The zones in the original Orbus are all way more distinguished from each other you hardly can confuse any of them, starting from colors, types of trees, mobs, diversity in foliage etc. etc. I hope for different trees, foliage, also way more foliage in Reborn in the future! Even Rainforest doesn’t look excitingly different to me since the trees still got same colors like in HS and the all-brown mobs everywhere add to that.

It was nice to see the ground covered with foliages on Ultra and reduce it drastically on Low graphics settings in the original Orbus, but in Reborn, currently, there’s mostly flat ground with nothing on it, no matter which setting I play on, which also doesn’t look very natural.


Ruined castle in Lamavoria has a big spot in the middle which you can’t move on


In the Swamp zone there’s an area next to a mountain which is missing some meshes.


So there is a bit near the edge of the platform where the portal public event is held where I somehow teleported under the floor


I like the graphics, however it seems like a dead world more like I’m in a still picture. I like orbus the way the trees blew in the wind. The grass sways. Which their is hardy any of. This made it so more immersive. Also their are what I think are supposed to be like fire flies in the swamp however the just like like yellow orbs. Would be nice to see more form with this stuff. In some ways I almost thing the graphics loom worse