Beta 3 Minor bug Thread


i dont know if this was a bug or intended… but basically just with the stuff we started with and the pots and mats we got from the boxes, i was constantly having to deal with being maxed out on inventory weight. i feel like potion mats are way too heavy compared to the gear. A stalk of sunflower is the same weight as a plate chest.


Not sure if this has been said already in this post or another but when going in and out of dragon racing the size of objects can get messed up. i started a dragon race as paladin and grabbed my book before feeding my dragon by accident and had this happen.

(pic from start line of dragon race looking backwards)

(pic from overworld after exiting out that bugged race)

Also people switching positions with there dragon when exiting races and things like the compass indicators becoming massive have happened as well.

P.S. if this book bug happens to you just grab the book and it will revert to normal size.


To add to this, if you get a party/friend invite while you are dragon racing it will be huge when you finish your race


Some areas are apparently paladin-teleport proof for no real reason. Cannot seem to teleport in most caves, or on upper deck of highsteppe, or in the transition to flooded rainforest from highsteppe region, amongst others.


Dyes on gear stop showing when you home teleport or leave house, will check if it happens when you change zones too, it comes back once you switch something around in your equipment though

Just went through the door from highsteppe to outside and it did it there too, also did it going from highsteppe to rain forest


When players throw their selfie cam it shows to everyone else as it’s down on the ground, no matter how high they throw it, so it ends up with some people looking up and others looking down


Just tested all the other teleport pillars and they worked fine, a part from Settlers’ Grave which gave me a black screen but I think that was just a one time thing as it didn’t happen again since


it seems like half of the entire environment in this zone is underground. Almost all the enemies, and lots of assets.

Along similar lines with mobs and environment - the dungeon is brutal with bugged enemies and resets. The enemies dodging can lead to them floating in mid air. All sorts of issues.


As for the upper deck of Highsteppe, I noticed spells also go through the floor. I believe the collisions are messed up, and that has affected the paladin’s teleport.


This is accurate, there is some work that remains to be done with the Highsteppe Zone collisions.


Just been checking through my screenshot folder and found things I forgot to send