Beta 3 Paladin Feedback


Hi everyone! We would love to know what you think of the Paladin so far.

  • The Paladin is a new plate-wearing tanking class which focuses on reactive, as opposed to pro-active, play. It also focuses on AoE damage and tanking, over the single-target tanking focus of the Warrior.
  • The Paladin’s hammer absorbs damage taken by the Paladin and converts it into energy which can be used to power attacks, including hammer throws, teleporting, lightning ground slam, and more.
  • The Paladin also features 3 Librams which can be used to buff themselves and their allies.
  • For more details on playing the Paladin, see the Paladin Preview blog post as well as the updates in today’s Beta announcement post on our blog.
  • To unlock the Paladin class, visit the Odds and Ends vendor in Highsteppe’s lower level and purchase the Beginner’s Hammer.

This is personally my favorite class in all of Orbus at the moment. I used it to tank the dungeon during testing and it was a blast! :smiley:



Minor issue but the graphic image for the paladin hammer looks to be the same as beginner sword for warrior. I’m sure it’s a place holder but double checking to see if it wasn’t noticed.


What are the 3 spells? Can’t find info on them anywhere…


Libram of Healing: On a moderate cooldown, heals the Paladin of their wounds.

Libram of Blessing: On a long cooldown, grants a boon to the Paladin and all nearby allies which increases Strength and Intellect.

Libram of Power: On a short cooldown, empowers the Paladin’s next self-heal or Basic Attack to grant extra healing or damage.

This info and more about the paladin class can be found here:


how big of a range is hammer slam?


It’s fairly small right now but it should correspond to the AoE effect going off on the ground when you use it, to give you an idea.


are the librams supposed to be visible even when the hammer is not out? they are really terribly placed… when you try to grab them if you have items in your side slots, they get in the way and you cant grab your pots.


the hammer also seems too large. it blocks 1/4 of the screen. You can also drop the hammer by hitting the grip button after you grab it( other weps dont do this).


How does aggro work with the paladin? he does absolutely no damage unless he has stacks. You would never be able to pull aggro from someone who had it first.


We’re still working on a solution for this issue.

If you raise your hammer over your shoulder (up towards the sky) you will get two globes of energy and AoE taunt everything around you to get aggro. There is a cooldown for the taunt part, which we will indicate better in the future.


yea, thanks!

Some things i saw on the throwing mechanic : it is pretty hard to aim sometimes and you have to pull the trigger while it is front of you before you can wind it back (or it gets put back in your pack). Is there a way it can have the same sort of mechanic as the shaman has for launching it forwards?.

Another issue i saw was on the summon for the hammer if you miss by a lot at a strange angle, it kindof oscillates before it actually gets back to you… wastes a lot of time (sometimes it actually just dissapears and you have to wait a few seconds before it comes back)


As far as general feedback goes, this class seems like the most ‘complete’ class. It is almost like the other classes are missing mechanics in comparison.


You can use your hammer teleport to bypass large sections of the map. Seems a bit bugged :wink:


There’s a fix that should keep you from using it to go “down”/“up” large distances that has been out for a while now in new zones (like dungeon runs), I will restart the server later this afternoon to apply it globally.


The radius on the Hammer Slam is really small. Especially when trying to fight small enemies around you, they dash every few seconds making very hard to land a Slam attack. Possibly consider increasing its radius a tad?

Also, energy management. I can’t yet tell if gaining Globes is based on damage thresholds, or just hits. Regardless, gaining orbs feels really slow, especially in dungeons, dramatically slowing down the pacing of the class. Consider adding another way of orb generation through Talents (in the future)? I think it would be nice to be able to play this class as either a Buff DPS or an AoE Tank.


you can knock your loot away pretty far by hitting it with your hammer.


lol, sounds fun actually!


So far Paladin seems like a real no brainer class. It lacks any tactics/strategy.

Use buff when it’s off cooldown, because why not?
Use heal when it’s off cooldown, because why not?
Use taunt when it’s off cooldown, because why not?

Using nothing but Libram of Power and Libram of Healing, with both their short cooldowns, I could survive having 2 same level mobs beat on me without issue.

Also, Hammer slam has 3 issues:

  1. When going to slam, if there’s a mob in the way, it’ll use a globe attacking the mob thus not allowing you to slam if you only had 3 globes.
  2. It’s more of a hammer touch… no slam required. Tap the ground gently and can accidentally consume 3 orbs.
  3. It currently does no damage. I’ve tried multiple times on mobs and they’re still at full HP afterwards.


I think #3 is literally due to how small the AoE effect on it is.

You may be literally just missing because its so small.


I’ve had the same experience. I stopped swinging down in case it does the hammer smash and wastes 3 charges