Beta 3 Paladin Feedback


it doesnt seem possible to pull mobs with the hammer? this seems like a bug of some sort. (it just goes through them like they arent there)


Gave the Paladin a test run. Nice design and I enjoy some of the POSSIBLE changes coming up:

Could be simply called “Parry” or “Overpower” and make it direction dependent random Down, Left, or Right.

I spent a good couple minutes trying Warrior combos. LOL. Maybe there is a compromise that can be done. Add a handle to the hammer for the off hand and when we swing the weapon using both grips it’ll work like that warrior. It’ll force focused movement instead of “as quick as I can swing”. Again this is just so we Paladins are:

Also as far as the LIBRAMS go you gonna wanna get the Icons redone. I see that cheeky Renew Icon. :smiley:

Juts a personal thought, could we get more control of the Hammer while its in flight? Like how Wizards control the movement of the spells. I think that would add more control to this class then just the CD/Resource management and give us something else to do while the hammer is in flight.


Yeah the smash attack right now is not working correctly, when I was testing the range with johann it started out working fine, but just stopped working all of a sudden and did no damage no matter how close I was.

Also for the librums, of u have items such as potions at your hip it makes it very difficult to grab because they clip into each other


The paladin fells great and I love the concept, the teleporting is so much fun and the librums feel great. the ground pound feels small/ non existent and the librums interfere with items on your sides. I found myself holding my hammer in the air for a good part of fight, so I never noticed how many orbs I was getting, i think it would be a nice change to either put the cool down for the lightening charge, or the orbs in a fixed position not on the weapon.


Noticed a bug with the paladin where orbs will reset upon entering a new zone. A bit frustrating when you wanna keep a full charge at all times!


Took me a while to figure which is what, but I’d like to change the order, it doesn’t feel natural to go from left to right if the empower libram is supposed to boost the heal or other one… I’d like the heal to the very right instead and since people got own preferneces an option to change it at will would likely be good?


I am enjoying the paladin so far. Couple issues i have noticed.

  1. sometimes i am unable to hit the enemy with basic attacks or the aoe attack. just swings and nothing happens. This lasts the duration of the combat.

  2. i have thrown the hammer right through enemies without it hitting them. This has happened multiple times. Was the hammer throw not supposed to also be a way to range pull enemies?


I think 2 might be a distance thing. I think I know what causes it though I will try and get that fixed. But my guess is if something is farther than like 15m away or something it just stops working.


also forgot this one…after i throw my hammer sometimes it just disappears. I then have to reach behind my head and squeeze to unequip and re equip it.


it bounces off stuff and if you miss by too much it gets lost trying to come back to you because there is some sort of acceleration on it. i’ve actually seen it oscillate with me in the center and only come back to me after 10-15 seconds.


I actually think this was unintended because we’re using the grip button when you reach behind your head to throw the system thinks your “sheathing” instead. Try swinging from the side instead its worked well for me.

One of the things I noticed was the unintentional proc of a “Basic Attack” instead of the “Ground Slam” because the swing would hit mobs before the ground. But they did also acknowledge that the “Ground Slam” wasnt working properly with respect to size and damage, and were working on a fix.

SOLUTION: Maybe the off hand could be used to cast a “Cone of Lightning” Instead of the ground slam. This should be easier to code into the game using the “Trigger” or “Grip” Buttons and would work for the lore I think in the Paladin being a Conduit of the Light-ning, channeling lightning force from the hammer through the Paladin.

I’ve noticed this as well and have just opted to not have anything on my belt currently.

SOLUTION: Could we have items sized down a bit while on our belts? When we grab them they become full sized, but could there be a scale down that would allow us a few benefits: Better control for what we’re grabbing, Some clarity and visibility without 6+ items taking up so much visual space, and the capacity to increase the belt another slot or two.


I’ve noticed that when I throw the hammer and it hits a mob it consumes a charge and proc a “Charged Attack”. Was this intended?


Yes, it also stuns the enemy.


Yes, this is intended at the moment.


I have found it difficult to consistently grab the Librams when I have a large tool (like the pickaxe) equipped. Its model gets in the way of grabbing the librams, and I sometimes have to grab it and throw it aside to reach the libram I want.


possible exploits?

  1. sometimes when throwing the hammer at an enemy the first hit will register two times and if i only have two charges, it sometimes lets me teleport after the two hits if i do it quickly enough.

2.if you drink the giant potion you can throw your giant hammer extremely far and teleport across the map


We’ll check it out. #2 is definitely something we saw and will fix for next time, as funny as it is. :stuck_out_tongue:


We’ll have to improve how the toolbelt items interact with the class for sure.


Really enjoying Paladin right now, but at lower levels survivability is insanely good.

A little confused about the energy gain, though. Is the orb gain on damage based on how many times you get hit or how hard you get hit? Not sure how it works.


definitely seems to not be one per hit. i think you get 1 per hit on bosses. probably damage based.