Beta 3 Paladin Feedback


It is dependent on damage, with very big hits giving u multiple hits at once, and small hits taking multiple hits for 1


A lot of desyncing with the hammer in PvP battlegrounds on almost every death my hammer doesn’t seem to hit anyone after that until I reequip it also had my librams desync where they was stuck at random parts in the cooldown, Which I had to Relog for causing me to get kicked from the battleground.

Throwing the hammer/grabbing Librams kept making me get stuck because Auto sprint… Ree


The current not edited palladin is fully op in pvp :wink:
Hammer teleport, heal, damage reduction, and massive damage when bosted makes it extreamly strong.


Remember that they haven’t done class balancing yet so everything may change once that happens


Of course. They fixed bard after all :blush:


I don’t know if i’m the only one that uses a ceiling rig for my vive cable, but this makes paladin basically unplayable. Having to hold my hand up every few seconds, it gets tangled in the rigging and cable, and I even tore my headset off and to the ground during one fight… Make the charge up work some other way, like a vertical orientation and button press, please, so folks with a similar setup can play the class without breaking their headsets, like I nearly did.


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It would be handy to be able to see what spells are active on a paladin while I can see other peoples active boosts I can’t see my own?

Thanks for your assistance.


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You don’t need to hold your hammer up just lift it, it’ll charge so it’s Lift hit Lift hit.


One game play mechanic I was curious about, and it may have already been answered, but with the three new Classes do they have any “Ultimate Abilities” that charge up like the original 4 classes?


My take on Paladin class:

  • Largest issue that I have with the Paladin class is that there is very little to do between hammer raises. I often find myself expending my charge and then just sort-of standing around waiting for that timer to drop. If you could add something to do, or even just raise the standard hit damage, that would be great (as it stands, an equivalent-level and geared warrior is doing around 500-1k each hit, while paladin gets about 3 good hits every 10s or so at around 1500-2k damage and then does nothing aside from that).

  • Second largest issue is the development of orbs in general; there’s simply not enough orbs generated to make the ground-smash an effective skill (unless it hits for more than an arcane explosion or generates more threat than a warrior horn, which we don’t yet know because it wasn’t fully implemented this time)

  • I really liked how much this class moved (and was able to move), as compared to the other beta-released classes. Shamans are really limited by their totems, but with this one I felt like I was all over the battlefield (in a good way).

  • I also really liked how survivable the class is. Soloing in Reborn is currently a very difficult adventure, particularly as mobs end up running into other mobs or you can’t kill them fast enough to avoid respawns. A number of times, I was able to edge on by in prolonged fights against 2-4 mobs.


Riley mentioned something to do with spirit wolves for Shaman. Bard and paladin haven’t been mentioned yet but will likely be added when they do talents and balancing


The lift is exactly the problem…


I played the full beta as a paladin, and am probably going to main it if there aren’t too many changes, so here are my thoughts on the class


  • Holding agro against a boss can vary a lot depending on how much you get hit. for example, during the first dungeon boss, I had no trouble holding aggro until he was stunned by his own ground aoe. Since he was stunned and couldn’t attack, I got much fewer globes, so less attacks, and often would lose aggro. One way to fix this would be to either simply raise the threat gen from both basic attacks and the hammer raise or, my preffered option, add in more tomes that we can swap out, including a tome that acts as a big threat generator on a cool down.

  • Soloing as a paladin is very easy to survive, but can be very slow if u are fighting enemies that are higher level than you. i would love to see a variation of the paladin that acts like the warriors small/big shield, where we give up defense for higher attack to make soloing more viable

  • The paladins heal ability can be very OP at times. as a lvl 2 paladin, i tanked the whole dungeon without a healer, and killed both bosses. unless the dev’s vision for the class is that a paladin can tank certain bosses without a healer, but cant tank other bosses at all because they have too high damage output and u need a warrior’s shield, then atleast the buff which doubles your next action shouldnt be as strong as it is now when pared with healing(heals nearly 100% of health).

Let me start by saying paladins arent complety OP

  • The paladin being definitly has a skill gap between good paladins and bad paladins, but at the same time first time paladins can go up pretty evenly against top tier players of other classes. Part of this is once again due to the full heal paladins can use, so at the very least that heal should once again recieve a nerf.

  • The damage reduction is definitly powerful, but isnt completely OP because there are ways to get around it. I wont say the specific strat here for obvious reasons, but there is a way to keep them at full orbs and deal massive damage to them at the same(will of course tell Riley if he wants to know for balancing purposes). That said, if the damage reduction in pvp is balanced it wouldnt be too horrible either. The best way to balance it would to have a ranger charge peircing do 50-60% health to a pali who has full orbs and is taking full damage. This would mean on a crit it would insta-kill a unshielded pali, but with full orbs wouldnt be too brutal and allow for either side to have a chance. then the rest of the balancing will be scaled around the amount a charged piercing does

for reference here is a screen shot of a BG i was in(4v4), where it was me, smooch, shiki, and rem vs the rest, 3 of which were also paladins, forget which of the 3 wasnt tho



Definitely agree with this. Especially regarding threat generation during down time for boss stuns. Landru and I 2-manned the dungeon with no healer and the only real issue I had was picking him back up after the stuns. The self heal is very powerful and could likely use a tweak. I think having a better on demand taunt would help. Something tied to a libram instead of hammer raise.(although hammer raise could be fine if the range/amount of threat was a bit higher)


I agree with pretty much everything Kamina brought up here. Paladin definitely needs some tuning, but I think an important change that hasn’t been mentioned is the lack of a cooldown on the hammer throw-teleport. I have to admit, it was a ton of fun teleporting around all the time using the hammer this beta, but its sure to introduce a lot of issues/imbalance if the teleport is not given an internal cooldown or something else limiting (more than the 1 orb it takes currently).
PvE: You can very easily skip through a dungeon’s trash by sliding and hammer-teleporting repeatedly.
PvP: Other players not being able to see a thrown hammer makes it really hard to track a paladin, or preempt one’s movement. The lack of a cooldown means its near impossible to keep a paladin away from you for any amount of time.

Also, I really think the paladin could use something actively defensive. Currently, paladins mostly ignore tanking mechanics besides positioning. Something like a libram which provides a very short defensive buff would mean that at high levels of play, the paladin has a more active role in dealing with tank busters or otherwise having an active role in mitigating damage.


Yah, the infinite hammer teleport probably needs a nerf, its basicly a no cool down sword rush, and I’m guessing once the agro is upped, this will give infinite kiting options.


Not really, because of the fact it requires an orb to actually teleport, there’s technically a cooldown. Plus, it’s not the easiest thing to aim.


A bug i forgot to report that after being rezzed, in dungeon or overworld, i could no longer hit anything or log out. Either a complete restart or returning to graveyard fixed the problem, and this has happened 3 times, twice in dungeon one in overworld