Beta 3 Performance Feedback


Hi everyone! As in the previous beta sessions, we want to hear how the game runs for you, if you’re experiencing any instability, crashes, lag, and things of that nature.

Note: The bug that was causing framerate to drop randomly is still there and we’re working on it - for now the workaround is to go to your graphics settings and change the quality down or up and then back. For example, if you were on Ultra, you can turn it down to Standard and then Back to Ultra. You can also do the reverse.



Another problem is that when the desktop is not focused on the Orbus client while playing the fps drops about the same as the other bug and stay low until you focus the screen again. (Doesn’t happen immediately for me, but does for some others). Changing graphics settings doesn’t fix it. Only refocusing screen.


When loading up new areas you sometimes get flashed/flickered by that new blue loading screen/box? which is quite bright and seeing that at nighttime isn’t very nice, Could also be an issue for people with epilepsy. Other then this performance is great! 20+ Players within the same area I’m still pulling a prefect 90fps!


I’m still getting that weird server lag that I’ve reported multiple times on both current orbus and previous beta tests


Glad its a huge improvement from vanilla Orbus, now big world boss raids will be less of a slide show and more of a combat show.

I’m not sure if you have, but once you experience it, closing out and sending logs describing what happened is the best way to track these issues down.


I repeatedly crash when going through the right door (looking towards Highsteppe), the left seems fine, so far. It is not the client crashing, but simply nothing loading for minutes, I see the black and can hear the HS sounds, but only a shutdown of the client lets me proceed.


If this happens again can you send us your logs through the launcher after it happens and a short description of what happened so we can try and re-create it.


Just sent a log, hopefully it helps


Slightly off topic will we have any chance at seeing a EU located server for reborn?


Could not reproduce this on the 2nd day of testing, been likely just a hickup of the net or something.


I’m on oculus with rather slow net currently - the loading screen when transferring to another zone is just a vast white area with a blue raster all around, like in a VR-setup screen. Not pretty and immersion-breaking, but also not flashing.


This happened to me aswell.


O , the compass you grip in a wierd position now. And if you use marking pistols they appear in your hands upsidedown and Matt pink.