Beta 3 Public Event Feedback (New zones, public events, dragon races, etc)


I love all the new zones,skybox,etc. however one thing I miss is animated foliage. Blades of grass/trees/etc flowing make the environment seem more alive. I think adding it to new zones will look incredible.


Adding to this, I think there should be more grass around. The ground seems very empty at the moment, especially the flooded rainforest.


I believe they said in one of the previous tests that this will be added at a later date before it goes live


Now this is stunningly pretty :heart_eyes:

And these purple trees are so nicely done, too:

But are these two the new areas? And do they have names?


I’ve soloed all the public events apart from the catapult one, I think it’s important to have it so all the public events scale and are able to be completed by a solo player due to the fact that there isn’t always people online to do them, I’ve spent about 3 hours this morning doing events on my own, just to see if they can be done by a solo dps.

I could do the crystal mine one on my muskie, I haven’t tested all the ones where I have to kill stuff on my muskie yet but I couldn’t do the one where you have to clear the mobs from around the big rock due to lack of damage (even while using damage turret+poison+weakness) but that might also be because I’m only level 10 on muskie and 20 on my ranger

When you rebalance the scaling on the catapult event can you make it so either the shield completely covers the elite, or the projectile hits if it goes through the gap as on one of the attempts I did early this morning I manage to get it between the gap in the shield and still miss the mobs skinny hitbox, twice… I happened to be recording

The second pack seems to spawn very quickly, I managed to kill the two little minions, break the shield on the elite and get him to half health and then the second pack would spawn and the catapult would be dead, I think the longest I’ve lasted is like 1 minute and like 20 seconds and that was because I was jumping into the chaos bolts to block them from hitting the catapult, almost dying myself instead, which still wasn’t enough to come close to doing this event

This event is also the only one I haven’t been able to do with a group either, although I haven’t had too many tries at it with a group yet


how were you able to solo the crystal event? i do not see how that is possible. See vid:


I’m level 13 so far and can solo only one single event as a muskie, the one with defending the 3 gates in the purple area and only single stafrusher coming. Shantry Town I lacked damage (the one with higher fences, also purple area), the starting area defend-the-fence one I lack damage, the portal/crystals I can forget entirely and the other three I did not even find, anyone got a list with complete names/areas?

I suppose there’s at least one in the rainforest and perhaps two more in the blue area, but I likely didn’t stick around long enough to see them starting.

Edit: Found the Essence Mine event, definitly soloable for all classes since it’s just about avoiding mobs :). And the Meteor one in the same area, this one seemed hard to solo, but I got there too late to judge.


I did that one exactly how you were doing it, but in the previous test, I didn’t bother this time as I didn’t think anything changed with it


There is also new ocean area you can reach from the flooded rainforest or from lamavora, it looks very different from the rest of the game so you’ll like it. :slight_smile:


crystal event doesn’t seem to scale properly with fewer ppl. it takes too long for the arrows to shoot out, such that even if you hit every single one of them, you wont have thrown enough shards to finish (because the shards still give the same completion % each as they do with 100 ppl)



hmm… your’s was spawning twice as many arrows as mine.


For the monster capture quests, I found that the spawn points for the tracks is far too limited (and in some cases seems to be wrong?)

Squirrels: you can find these generally in one spot south of highsteppe, near the pillar and archway on the way to racing ruins. I’ve only seen one or two elsewhere, such as near the portal gate on the top of the plateau, and these seem to be a rare occurrence.

Bluebirds: you can find these always in the same location as above, and sporadically near the bridge atop the hill leading to the portal plateau.

Green necks (ducks?): The tooltip lists them as being from the flooded rainforest, but they’re found on the middle level near highsteppe (top level being the scarecrows and newbie zone, and bottom being where the giant with trees is). There’s 3 spawns here, but I haven’t seen any anywhere else.

Frogs/toads: I’ve only ever seen 2-3 spawns right around the hut in the swamp. Nowhere else.

Haven’t found the other ones as far as I can recall, but somehow my mission tooltip says that I have like 8.32457% completion or some absurd number on a couple.

These should spawn more frequently across a larger area. I think if you spend ~2 minutes walking through a region, you should at least spot 1-2 tracks, no matter where in the region you are.


They are in the rainforest too, same area as where the public event starts


So we tried this in a 3-man group, it did not go well, we are going to try it again next time it spawns

I also tried it solo, level 20 ranger so my damage is probably higher than the standard level 10 or whatever this area

So my suggestions so far:

  • Make it so mobs can’t go inside or too close to the catapult, it’s super hard to hit them
  • Make it so we can shoot close to the pillars for the archway
  • Make it so we can shoot over the catapult
  • Increase health of catapult or Reduce health of elite


The anti-RNG mechanic on dragon racing is not working properly. I was watching the timer and the animated objects were at different positions (eg. the rock in Sky High was closed at 1:08 and on another run it was open at 1:08), noticed this on Sky High, Water Slide and Swamp Smash.
The arrows on Let Loose were resetting properly


So we just manged to do the catapult event with 4 players:

  • Warrior - Chuckobo - Level 19
  • Muskie - Infraggable Krunk - Level 15
  • Mage - Bral - Level 20
  • Ranger - Rickness Voidwalker - Level 20

Still issues with shooting over things, I think once hit box issues and stuff like that get fixed it might be a little easier but I think without an “organised” group, this public event won’t be very do-able, I’m going to try again tomorrow after work to see if I can solo it but here is the video of us doing it

Also on the attempt before this I couldn’t hit anything, someone said they saw me shooting behind me, by time I relogged the event was lost:


After digesting this a bit, I think one thing that would tune this is if the Shield mobs had a 2 second stun applied after breaking their shield with the ballista. This gives the ballista user time to move and others time to engage and pull agro. The most damage seemed to happen when they would chaos bolt the person that broke their shield and hit the ballista instead. Also, stopping the mobs from warping and moving inside the world event defense objectives in general would be a HUGE improvement for all of them.

Not sure this needs to be made too much easier, just needs a couple tweaks so the ballistas are not as hard to defend.


Please put teleport runes in journal once found … or charcoal rubbed. Please on a teleport stone in the blank space to the right of the name just put a watermark of what the runes to teleport to that location are. It is less than immersive to keep notes outside of game for this.

Likely known:
Game needs to stay maximized to be playable.
If you use your desktop as a portal notebook this is less than pleasing. (Or if you want to netflix fish :slight_smile: )


I just did the public event in the crystal cave with a group of 3. The other 2 in the group got 3500exp and a reward cashe. I didnt get either even though I was there the whole time and participated as much as them. Looks like a bug.