Beta 3 Public Event Feedback (New zones, public events, dragon races, etc)


So when the sky goes pink, dragon racing in the overworld becomes hard to see the pink rings (depending which race it is I guess) made a video so you can see:

I was there with him, can confirm, he was just as active as me and Kizzy.

We almost did the ballista event twice with 3 of us but Kizzy was having issues with aiming the ballista, loosing tracking or something. Also they seem to leash/reset a lot which is really annoying but my biggest issue is not being able to shoot over boxes or close to walls.

As a ranger the 15yards is super important to keep your damage high but it feels like you can’t do it on reborn or you end up leashing/resetting the mobs or hitting walls or just missing cause of the broken hit boxes, can you please look into this whole mechanic for reborn as we get gimped on fights all the time because of it

Me and Landru just manged to do the ballista event with just the two of us, I’m 20, he’s 15 and we only just managed it, you need some really high damage to be able to do it, one more hit on the bottom ballista and it was game over, really needs damage reducing or something

I also got slightly further as doing it solo but I feel like it’s not possible and needs tweaking more.


After testing all of them i found the only 2 that are resetting properly are Let Loose and Swamp Monster, all others are still RNG. I made a quick video on Racing Ruins to show the animations are not resetting (the propellers are rotating anti-clockwise at the start of the first attempt and clockwise on the second)


okay thanks for testing all those ill have to see what im doing differently between them and get that fixed.