Beta 6 Mission Ideas


Now that we have had some time for you players to get in and go through the missions and see what is there, wanted some feedback on the types of missions you are doing through each rep vendor. To be more specific for example from Chef Lethrow you have to catch X number of a certain fish anywhere, catch X number of any fish in a certain zone, catch X number of certain fish in a certain zone, catch X amount of weight of X fish, catch X amount of weight of any fish, catch X amount of weight in certain zone.

So with the example of chef lethrow, is there anything else that you could think that would be a fun mission that is similar to those? Same goes for all the other mission types.

Just to be clear, Im not looking for any feedback on the number of missions currently in game, as there is a different thread for that discussion. Just wanting some feedback as after launch we are planning on trying to add some additional weekly missions to each vendor and wanted feedback now so we can start thinking about them.


Most of the battlegrounds missions are very alike (play battlegrounds and automatically finish them)… Maybe something along the lines of deal X damage in battlegrounds or heal X amount in battlegrounds. Could also be deal X damage in a single round of battlegrounds and same goes for healing, just not sure what X would be for these? Since battlegrounds puts everyone at 30 the healing missions shouldn’t be a problem for a dps player for example. They can just play healer for a match (which would also put more healers on teams that normally would just be all dps and tanks.


1st time completing a dungeon should reward a bonus of exp(not the daily random queue) but a first time bonus for each 1st clear. I also think there should be quests/tutorial for artificing. As for what’s currently in game, maybe adding a special quest to complete 1 of each type of quest.(salvaging,dragon race, pvp,critter cap,etc).


I think more “find X of Y herb/mineral” would be good.

Adding an additional type of quest to gather specific or nonspecific ingredients (alchemy, fishing, artificing, or tinkering) could be good.

I think the pvpers would like to see a ‘defeat players in overworld’ quest


The weeklys are rather aimed at level 30, that is less cool, if my suggestion in other thread to adapt missions to class-progress is picked up that would not matter though.

As for Mission Variety (I guess that’s what the thread is about?):

I liked that it’s not all linear, but that now and then there’s “any” missions or go back to HS, Rainforest. And the last, ruined potion one was hilarious :slight_smile:

Kill Missions: I liked the kill number x, number y best, and amongst those the ones where mob-types are explicitly listed; I would like to have these for all mob-types (I think in rainforest there were barely any). There’s few (Witch, Tree Guy) which are meant for a group, that could perhaps be indicated so new players don’t need to die to find out.

Fishing: It is good that there’s not so many fish required, because it takes the most time and is easy to overlevel. Other than that fishing either weight/type is fine.

BG Missions: Should be entirely optional for progress. There are 22 missions I can not do, I am queuing for hours, never get ported in. I wished there were more types like a smaller bg or duel-missions instead, so those who play at times with low player-count can do some.

Dungeon Missions: Should be de-attached from levels since it’s hard to find groups at this exact level, most will overlevel these.

Salvaging: I second Atropos’ suggestion, find x of these type could happen more

Critter Hunt, Events, Dragon Quests: These seemed all fine, only some races I found to hard…

I seriously don’t have many new ideas since those are not the “classic” quests and for missions the x of this, y of this is the most logical.

New Mission Types: Would be perhaps nice to explore more, like find things/view points/portal stones in the world. Or talk to npcs, but that rather fits to the lore quests.


Quests to inspire people to do various things with their classes could be good:


  • A charged shots
  • B cure wounds
  • C interrupts (any class)
  • D Justice Crescendos
  • E 2nd level or better trick shots
  • F Arcane Blasts

The list goes on and could be fun.


I actually really quite like the idea of class quests. This should definitely be looked into


Please add some World PvP missions like:

  • Kill 5 different players in the overworld
  • Kill 10 different players in the overworld
  • Kill the same person 3 times in the overworld
  • Move up rank at least one rank
  • Kill a champion
  • Kill 3 players with a higher rank than you
  • Become a champion
  • Do 1,000,000 dmg to players in the overworld
  • Kill the grand champion

Battleground Missions:

  • Kill all players once from the other team
  • Capture all three flags and hold them for 1 minute
  • Capture all three flags and hold them for 2 minutes
  • Win a battleground by 500 points
  • Win a battleground by 750 points
  • Win a battleground by 1000 points (Achievement “Flawless Victory”)
  • Win 2 battlegrounds in a row.
  • Win a battleground in under 10 minutes
  • Get 10 kills in 1 battleground
  • Get 20 kills in 1 battleground
  • Finish a battleground with 0 deaths
  • Finish a battleground with more kills than deaths
  • Do 1,000,000 healing or 1,000,000 damage in a single battleground


I very much support the idea of each class having their own class specific missions, even if some overlap / are the same (like scavenging, but it exists 8 times across the 8 battle disciplines and only the class specific deviates even if similar). I think this could work with adjusting the tutorial and Metris’ idea of missions sticking to classes
(Beta 6 Mission and Leveling Curve Feedback)
So that a new player chooses which branch to begin and an NPC guides each step of learning what’s available to do and exactly how for that class, but also a menu button review like KatVet suggested
(Lack of tutorials to get started in the beginning)
So that we’re walked through those basics as applicable (that may can be skippable) but also always available on-demand, whether as a refresher for a hardly used alt or because we didn’t absorb what it said the first time. There could be simulated fights (think of other video games pausing “staged combat” a sec to say what you can do here, then gets stuck on that loop till you achieve it, so piece by piece each class is learning a basic functionality).
It can be clearly stated that if we want a change of pace, see so-and-so in that Highsteppe tree to get another weapon and begin that branch. Torn between one NPC teaching all 8, or if we could get 8 different specialized masters (like Wizard101 professors for each school of magic, that’d be really neat!) Maybe each different lore mission vendor could have their own battle specialty instead of creating 8 new characters just for that?
Then when we hit level 5 on x class, mission gives two forget potions so that we pick one talent, succeed in doing the first picked talent maybe x times, drink potion, choose other option, use the other talent x times, then have that second potion in case we liked the first talent better. Ditto for 10, 15, 20, and 30.


I am enjoying the lore quests, it’s to bad they don’t give xp.can we get a bit more multiple choice?

Sugestion for quests:
Killing people in the overworld, experiencing death in the overworld, revenge quest.


Fishing: I did all the fishing missions and you got most of it covered already but I thought maybe you could add something like these:

  • Catch at least X number of any fish from all 4 zones
  • Catch X of each common Fish
  • Catch X of each Rare fish

Monster Hunting: There is a mix of solo and group which is good, could maybe do with a few more solo for those that prefer to solo stuff, as Metris said, dungeon missions should be detached from having a level requirement, I had also out leveled these before I managed to get them done

Salvaging: I really hated the Linstantium mission, should change it to Mine X amount of ores in Lamavora, a lot of these missions are going to be hard to do when there are a bunch of people online, I out leveled this mission on both of my characters because someone had already grabbed the Linstantium and it shares spawn points with Obsidian and it doesn’t spawn back very quickly. That being said, I didn’t really have much trouble with the others, I prefer the collect anything from this zone type of thing though. My ideas for Salvaging missions would be

  • Collect X fishing bait (there was nothing for fishing components and plenty of them to hunt down)
  • Create any Runetile (alchemy)
  • Put together a set of Runetiles (basement)
  • Spice up your life! (Apply dyes to your gear)
  • Apply transmog to your gear (allow cape to work too)

Critter Capture: I liked these, there was a nice mix between getting certain critters and getting anything or just birds etc. Can’t really think of much to add to this other than maybe Catch X critters from all zones, obviously you’d need to put it in at the higher end cause you don’t want to be sending new players into the wastelands before they are ready

Public Events: There was a nice mix of these, I had trouble getting gold on some before I was out leveling them, but for weekly mission you could add complete every event once

Dragon Racing: There are a few higher leveled ones which need the times adjusting slightly as it’s just not possible but other than having missions for times you could also have:

  • Complete X different dragon races
  • Complete all dragon races in X zone
  • Complete all dragon races

These would mean those that can’t do the dragon races well could still get them done in their own time

I haven’t done any of the PvP missions yet but it looks like you already have some good feedback on them already

I totally agree with the need for class specific missions though!


Dragon Racing:

  • Fly for 9 seconds without touching any ring
  • Finish X race without touching more than X rings
  • Get all the gold rings in X race (obviously do not include the ones with different paths)
  • Get all the speed boosts in X race (like above)
  • A mission that have you go really close to an obstacle without touching it

Critter Capture: only thing i can think of is “Capture X critters in the same group”


it would be nice to have a story scene when we finish a major part in the lure quest like the backstory of darius or the patryal knights and sislus


Critter capture:
Catch all in the same group
Catch all within a certain time
Catch one of x number of types
Add weights and do catch one that weighs more than x
Add shiny critters and do catch one shiny

gather set number of specific material

Kill quests:
Kill x number of mobs within time period (multi kill)
Urgent kill quests (need this done asap)
add rare mobs/bosses that are harder and have quests for those

Create lure quests
Fish somewhere you haven’t been before quests.


Dragon Racing:

  • Hit X rings in Y race
  • Fly race backwards? (Could be fun in maze)
  • Race together with someone


On Xicor’s urgency quests:

  • Timed quests to gather certain herbs
  • Timed quests to reach certain locations (explore) or gather certain items (fetch)
  • Timed quests to do a certain grouping of various missions… Say, dragon quests in Hulthines Basin, to certain times.


Quest that you need to complete on more than one class


Complete X dungeon without dying.
Complete X dungeon in 20 minutes.


Survival quests would be really cool


Survival quests are great. They had them In WoW as well. Clearing a raid with 0 deaths would get you a title called “immortal” or “undying”. They could be used for high level shards and raids Or even in Pvp.