Beta 6 Public Event Feedback

I miss a thread for event feedback, did not do all yet (will post something about wasteland if there’s more). Most I do solo so focusing on that, so far what I noticed is:

Highsteppe: Both events (Last Stand/Chaos Tear) are very nice to do now when soloing!


  • Wagon’s Graveyard: Seems to work well, even when soloing, don’t see most health bars of mobs though
  • Obnobi Encampment: Mobs are just standing outside the camp or get stuck in the buildings, their health bars reset when shot; some buildings still go invisible after start; worst bugs appear when soloing, luckily it’s still a guaranteed win.
  • Flying Fish: Very nice idea, but imo takes too long to solo; feels like after throwing like 30 fish the bar is only half-full and my shoulder starts aching; if I arrive late I sit that out.


  • Essence Crystal Cave: Good event to solo, only some shards still fall through the floor
  • Broken Piece of Castle: Was not able to solo this yet, the musky likely got no chance
  • Knight´s old Fort/Ballista: As several noted last beta it is still hard, even when in a group the ballista breaks in no time, only made it with really strong groups so far

Hulthin’s Basin: Edit: just like wasteland, same mechanics and too hard to solo.


  • Event with the 2 circles: almost impossible to solo!

Event names are missing on the compass in Wasteland, Lamavora could use more names as well.

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To add to the feedback that Metris has given

  • Obnobi Encampment: Lots of invisible tents that are blocking hits, even if they get destroyed the hitboxes are still there and it’s damn annoying, it seems like the best way of doing this event is stand far to one side, let the other side do there thing and then de-agro and just kill everything on the side you are on

  • Knight´s old Fort/Ballista: Still needs sorting out, I’ve managed to solo it once and I think I completed it once in a group of 2 or 3 however it feels very overtuned, I think the ballistas need health boost and/or have it changed so you only fail if all 3 ballistas get destroyed or something, this one has given us the most trouble so far out of all the public events

  • Hulthin’s Basin: Challenging to solo, but do-able as a dps class, fairly easy to do with 2 people, haven’t been there with more than 2

  • Wasteland: Same as above, not solo’d this beta test but did in the previous but did with me and potato fine

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To add to the feedback what I’ve said elsewhere:

  • Wagon Graveyard: in groups with large enough quantity to start pulling additional mobs, it pulls the pigs from outside the event. It also maybe considers these as enemies for the event, so it only spawned 1 mob each time (for 3 people).

  • Flying Fish Throwing the fish into the precise hitbox can be a little challenging. Major issue is that the fish seem to not count for scaled amounts properly dependent upon number of people there. Solo, it generated less progression than duo per fish. Also the combat sticking bug that still exists from the first betas, whereby if you’re being attacked by one of the mobs when they disappear, you have to relog because otherwise it’s permanent combat status (stuck combat doesn’t work).


These are the invisible tents, that block all hits and movement, as you can see the mobs also bug a lot on this event

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Thanks everyone, we appreciate the feedback.
We’ll pour through it and see what we can do to fix the issues and check the balancing.

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The lamavora ballista one is still super hard. If too many ppl show up, it spawns a bunch of the shield dudes on one side. the ballista isnt even fast enough to shoot all of them before it dies.


To add to my initial post:

  • Lamavora Knights Fort: The ballistas are extremely difficult to grab as a paladin. I’m not sure about for other people, but I spent a solid 5-10s every time I was trying to grab just spamming the button and seeing books flying everywhere because my librams kept getting in the way. PLEASE make a ‘grab point’ like you have with the lootbags for this and any other interactive spot.

  • Lamavora Essence Cave: The crystals seem to be a bit buggy – you practically have to hold them at arm’s length because if you bring it too close to your body they seem to interact with your body and ‘bounce’ off, being launched nearby. Also, not sure if it was intended, but sometimes the event starts with 10-12 enemies and sometimes it starts with none.

  • Lamavora Guardian Orb/broken castle piece?: This one is impossible to solo as a paladin. Not enough dps to kill the enemies fast enough and the spawns just keep coming. Seems to have a bit of a balancing issue because the same relative number of enemies spawn with 1 person there as they do for 2-3 people there.

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Just tried that on a musky, seems even more impossible to solo. I got one circle clear, thought I could do the other, but no, the first one goes down again. Pulling them all to the bridge in between also does not work because someone needs to stay inside.
This event should be easier or adjusted to solo-play, hulthins and wasteland are mostly bare of people and 30s won’t need xp/gear from this anymore so that won’t likely change.

Just glitched somehow and didn’t get any credit despite doing damage + killshots on a lot of Highsteppe Defend the Gate event. Was there the whole time + doing damage the whole time.

I went to help someone do the flying fish public event in the rainforest. i got there at roughly 5 mins remaining and he had been there since the beginning.

We didn’t get a single point and finished the event feeling irritated that no matter where the fish got thrown it wouldn’t count.

So I read through this post and its a ‘small/challenging hitbox’ but to not get a single fish means its too hard currently. Or perhaps bugged from a recent update.

It’s bugged in the latest update, tied to the crystal event not working - we’ll be fixing it for the next build, sorry for the inconvenience.

It will be fixed tomorrow morning. The public events where you throw items at something (crystals, fish to boats, etc.) are not working int he current build.

So I see that you said the ones where you throw things are bugged. So the 2 public events I just did, Chaos tear in Highsteppe where you throw the things on the arrows back in the portal, it counts towards the progress but then they re-spawn and will spawn a add from every arrow every time no matter it you threw it or not.
2nd one was in the rain forest, the one where the 2x red tents spawn, almost every time the event starts the tents will disappear.
3rd, the public event in Lamavora where there are crossbows and you have to shoot the wizards and kill the adds… that one is VERY hard to complete. Sometimes if you don’t kill the wizard the first time you get the shield down it will run behind the crossbow and then you can’t shoot it because of invisible walls, if you miss the wizard twice, the crossbow will die. It seems like it can be done with 2 people that know exactly what to do and have perfect aim, but those adds kill the crossbows very quickly and the little adds jump inside the crossbow and the only way to usually hit them is with an AoE attack so my friend who was a scoundrel could never hit the small adds and myself as a mage if I could not get the AoE blast to work then I couldn’t hit it either. That public event was the hardest one that I did in every zone only making it 2-3 waves in usually. The only time I got gold on it once was when we had some friends show up and were able to do AoE attacks and burn the wizards quickly.

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i have the same issue every time when i what for it or arrive i get bugged out or not working