Beta 6, Ranger - random infinite weak spot


I just fought a monster, and one of the weak spots didn’t despawn when I shot at it. I ended up being able to just focus-fire that spot, and get buffed damage on every shot until it died. I have no idea how this got triggered, no idea what I was doing around the time it happened other than shooting at the mob, but I figured I should mention it despite the lack of details.


Did you do a rotation? The charge strike creates a new weakspot at the point you hit.


I just shot at it normally, noticed it didn’t go away, then proceeded to spam out normal arrows at the same spot until the mob died. No charges or anything IIRC. I might’ve opened with one, but the spot persisted through sustained spam of regular shots.


yea, sometimes it doesnt go away. it is definitely a bug that has been reported.


We’ve been trying to pin this one down, if this happens to you please send us a report through the launcher so we have the output file to track this one. Thanks!


I’ve noticed it has happened on bosses that we have wiped on, might have something to do with dropping combat while the weak point is up?


I fixed a bug yesterday that is coming out today. It was to fix things like monsters still attacking ghosts and also chasing you to the graveyard. That bug was probably causing some other things to go wacky, and I could see it affecting these spots.

We were trying to get the issue to happen this morning on our local server, and couldn’t reproduce it. But I did add some more logging to get more details in case it is still an issue. So hopefully it is fixed now, but let us know here if it isn’t.


I have been getting this bug on occasion even without dying. New weak spots will form and disappear when hit, but 1 or 2 of them won’t go away.


and that has been after this mornings patch?


i’ve seen them just stay up. it seems like it happens more often if you take a bit of time to hit it than it does if you hit it immediately


I had this happen on the target dummy and noticed it’s only a visual glitch, even if you hit it you won’t actually have the boosted damage.


I had a feeling it was like this but never remembered to check the logs to confirm it


it gives me boosted damage.


I had about 8 of them that wouldn’t go away on airship boss 1 last night. really annoying.


We fixed it as of late last night so that if it does happen, it does not give additional damage. We are working this morning on fixing the visual glitch as well.