Beta 6 walking through Highsteppe walls


found out today you can actually walk through the door leaving highsteppe, which left me no other choice but to find other ways to teleport through the walls of the city to see the empty backdrop of sky. almost the entire hanger building walls can be walked through to get out of the city, around the fellowship halls teleporting through the walls is quite simple, and at quite a few corners and walls at the edge of the city


Yeah, every dungeon group I went in for normal orbus would teleport through all the walls in dungeons to skip various parts. They’ve made it so that sticking your head into a wall blacks out your vision, but still haven’t fixed the underlying problem.


There’s a spot to the left of the dungeon entrance that you can also walk straight through (with a little fanagaling). There aren’t any black outs once you are in the tree either.
Not sure if it’s resource feasible (I’m no programmer) but double sided rendering might be a better option that the blackness. If you go inside a bush you just see the bush texture on the inside, instead of being able to see through it. Would make more logical sense that way too, you stick your head in a bush and you see more bush, stick your head in a wall and you just see wall.