Beta and steam release question

So I asked this on reddit about a week ago with no reply and maybe this has been answered somewhere, but i couldn’t find it. I got to try this game in open alpha was fun and would like to support it and help with the alpha/ beta onward by buying a version. Just have 2 questions since it seems alpha is almost over since Aug is suppose to be closed beta is beta still going to be weekends? Secondly if we buy the closed beta on the website do we get the steam version when it releases or our we stuck using a none supported steam client?

The beta schedule should be released this week or next. The tests will be longer than just weekends but we’re not sure how long yet. Buying into beta ($50) gets you the steam release and I would bet the oculus version which should be available at the same time.

We should have the complete beta schedule later this week. Generally speaking the tests will be less frequent than they were during the Alpha, but each test will last longer. As we approach release the game will be available 24/7.

Yes, buying the game now does get you a Steam key when it is released on Steam.


Thanks for the quick reply. Helped me pull the trigger looking forward to testing the beta and seeing all the great work you guys are doing. Hopefully I don’t add to it by finding bugs.


Hope I get myself a new HTC Vive before this happens!