Beta Art Style/Environment Feedback


Hi everyone, let us know how you feel about the brand new art style we’re now using, from the environments to the new player models. (You can use this thread for specific customization feedback.)

The first zone you will spawn in is pretty large, but there is also a second zone you can explore, which is the swamp and has a very different feel to it.





Fell through the ground multiple times at from current location heading the the dragon racing structure.


That’s very strange, what happened once you did, you were stuck under the world?


I like the “smooth” rocky structures, it all looks really better. Very nice to roam through the caves, too :slight_smile: . But most I only can reckon because (likely) I play on low graphics with no option to change it also the sea/lake-parts are either unfinished or I don’t see the full thing.


Just out of curiosity you might see if in this latest patch going out now you can bump up to Medium or Standard.


I went to graveyard because, yes, I was stuck.


I commented in other thread with screenshots, sadly the latest patch did nothing for my menus as it seems.


So far I’m really enjoying the look of the game. This to me was one of the more positive things I’ve taken away from the beta so far. It’s looking nice so far!


what’s with the shadows? they look ridiculous. I can totally see just a few blobs. probably shouldnt have shadows if they look like that.


Yeah shadows are on the to-do list. Also I think it’s not rendering the player’s own body right now just your equipment which is why it looks like that.


on a 970 gtx, previously i could only play on low without problems, but in this, i can run on standard/medium MOST of the time. sometimes it just lags hard for no reason.


The world definitely feels more alive this time. Really like the direction that the art design is going. Keep it up!


I saw the landscapes at daylight now, too… can only say it again, really really nice :smiley:


the art design is better and i like it
will be the new map extend the old map to a bigger map?
i want not miss the map around highsteppe too
and then completely with the new art style
that could be very great :slight_smile:


It has been amazing to really “explore” the world again, and I love the little things that have been added. The water dripping off of the stalactite, the giant (hollow?) tree in the major city we aren’t supposed to access yet, the fireflies in the jungle. It’s been pretty awesome to explore and discover again. I look forward to seeing more! The cave textures are probably the most improved to me so far.


Really really like the overall art style aesthetics.

Particular shoutouts of awesome:

  • New player home is great (can’t wait to see how it gets fleshed out and if we get to decorate them)
  • Giant tree in the middle of Highsteppe is awesome
  • Really like the new equipment, feels more appropriate/cooler/tailored. Not into berets, but I was able to hide helm
  • Engravings on various stone objects throughout the world
  • I really love Sicilius’s new look

Concerns/other comments:

  • The dragon race maps peppered throughout the environment feel oddly out of place given the groundedness of the reset of the world. Kinda wish these were either in towns, or in pocket dimensions or something.
  • Some of the areas were easy to get turned around in. I’m sure we’ll get used to it in time, but more large scale landmarks you can see anywhere in the area would help with this.
  • Some areas feel a bit on the barren side, with just shrubs and not much else


I am playing on ultra now, really nice landscapes, specially at daylight!

Two things only… waters look weird, really plain (not that it was much different in the original game but I hoped it would be more water-like) and kinda unnatural. In the swamp also colors are pretty odd, very bright and not blending in smoothly with the rest of the scenery:

Apart from that, swamp looks awesome with all the scattered structures around!

I like the new player house with few exceptions, furniture is likely forthcoming but as for walls I would not really put tapestry in my house, and if so, then not all RED (I mean, seriously :smiley: ) and patterned. The wood style of the current house I found way more comfy.
Since people are different perhaps a customization option, in the long run?
Also the cellar looks a bit sad and vast/empty, hope there is more things put inside apart from the shelf, like it was in the old one.


My only critique with the art is that I miss the old waterfalls. I loved the Leisa Falls before the Highsteppe update made it flat (but loved the new bridge and most everything else). I don’t know how the previous waterfall (like how it still is at Tradu) will look with the new art style or if it’s even feasible, but that’s the only thing I wish I could change.