Beta battlegrounds Saturday 6th 9pm BST / 4pm EST



I do wish y’all would post this stuff not behind a login-wall. I mean, it’s evident (mostly) from the title what the plan is, but still…


I’ll check with J about that, I thought that was just supposed to be there for the spoilers and stuff, not for events etc.


The last several have been (I didn’t check any old ones)


the preview of the post is on the ‘event advertisement’ channel on our discord. I require a discord login for 2 honest reasons:

  1. the previous forums had spam. I want 0 spam so I enforce discord login.
  2. I want to encourage people to engage in our forums as the end goal is to have it as an informational, end game discussion forums.

I agree that something like events can be easily shown without a ‘login wall’ which is why I have a preview of the post on this discord channel.

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