Beta date for founder

So I just recently bought the founder thing for $50 and it says I have a beta account. Is there any exact date for when closed and open beta come out?

Thank you!

The wiki has a testing schedule post that gets updated with the new details as they are revealed

Open Alpha
July 28-30th, 2017 (will be approximately 60 hours long)
Closed Beta
Begins August 18th, 2017


Thank you so much!
I bought founder when it said July so I’m slightly disappointed that it was delayed.

Yeah, the announcement to push things back was made earlier this month. Here’s the blog post announcing the schedule change and the reasons for it.

The good news is that open alpha is set for the end of July so you’ll still be able to play before August!

True, but think of it this way. Because it’s delayed you’ll get a more stable game with better fleshed out content. I can’t speak for the devs, but my understanding is there is so much being added that it will take a little extra time to ‘perfect it’. Tl;Dr the wait is a good thing and you’ll be happy they didn’t put it out when it’s not ready

Only Logan would add a tl; dr for three sentences :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course! Ain’t nobody got time for deciphering my jumbled words!

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Sorry about that. We did push it back just a little. But as others have said, you will definitely get to play during the Open Alpha which is at the end of July, so not too much longer! Thanks for your support.