Beta Performance Feedback


This is the exact issue Tiago, Shiki and me posted about in other thread… menus are there, only way down and scroll bar barely working, huge padding everywhere. I also provided screenshots on same thing happening with You are dead note.

(I am also using a german keyboard layout and set my decimal separator to period in between, it brought no changes).


Okay sorry I must have missed that thread. Noted.


I played from about 6pm to 10pm CST last night. I had started on low and it was a bit jittery, but not impossible. I assumed it was due to how many people were on. About an hour in I hit ultra just to see what it would do (fully expected to make things worse or crash) but it was buttery smooth and just perfect. I never noticed any sound issues between players talking in game. At first I thought the runemage default was lend-a-hand, and it took me a little bit to figure out that was why my spells were going crazy. So then I was casting and dancing under the stars to get used to it. Ran into runemages later that said, no, it isn’t lend-a-hand… and we realized that the spells were all right handed despite which hand the wand was in. So I moved my wand to my right hand, yup, that was it! Then after a minute moved it back left anyway, and somehow it resolved itself. On occasion a spell would stick to my wand, then go flying but the mob wouldn’t be in the same place like my vision had “skipped a beat.” I never crashed nor relogged for anything.
My computer is in “US Spanish” and it seems this version doesn’t have the issues that EU Spanish is having.


So this has been pretty consistent now, I’ll be playing for about 15-20min and my frame rate will start to reduce to around 45, after around 30min it will become as low as 20-25 fps this can be sorted by changing graphics to low then back to ultra but it’s happening in every play session as far as I can remember

Did you change something? Just played for over an hour without this happening

Scratch that, seems to be happening again, maybe was only dropping during day time? Not sure, will keep an eye on it


Okay, let me know if you notice any correlations. We’ve seen it happen on our end as well, no idea what’s causing it, makes no sense to me, haha.


On the first day there was a period where I had an average of around 30 fps but I got the updated launcher and that seemed to fix it. From there on I almost always was running the game at 90 fps on ultra and had no performance change between low settings and ultra.


The perfomance was great on this test! Didn’t have a single crash, not even the stuck in loading while changing instance (tried many times join and leave the house, never happened), which is MUCH faster to load in reborn (only 3-5 seconds vs the many seconds i have to wait in old orbus).
Only thing i had was the same issue of everyone else with low frame rate with the quick fix of switching graphic (which just like the instances, was much faster in reborn).