Beta Test Feedback - Musketeer

Unsurprisingly, I am already experiencing withdrawal. I woke up today thinking I was wrong about the test period and maybe it ended tonight. Obviously I was wrong. Fortunately, however, I was able to clock a good amount of time so here are three things I think need improvement:

  1. Battle stuck - While its great to have the option to “unstuck”, getting stuck can get very frustrating. Especially, when it keeps happening. Not a dev so I have no idea how to fix this. Just thought I’d bring it up.

  2. Spell Orb Colors - I think 3 of the primary healing spell orbs are orange and the only real difference between them is the effect surrounding them. We really need some color change here if possible. It’s confusing as is. and;

  3. Spell Range - Not sure if this is a Me problem or an actual problem but I experienced an inconsistency with spell casting from a distance. Part of the challenge in being a good musketeer is being able to hit your teammates with a heals while staying clear of the battle. Doing so maximizing the amount of healing you can do on teammates, rather than on yourself. The problem is that orbs don’t (always) hit passed a certain distance. I’m not saying make the range infinite, but there is clearly a problem when I can pull a monster from a specific distance, but can’t hit a teammate from the same distance. Again, this one may just be me being a noob.

There are probably other things that need improvement but these two problems were recurring. Regardless, I’ll be counting down the days till the next test…

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i personally felt like musketeer played well but i wish the musket sounded explodier and had stronger haptic feedback when it fired.

So did I, but I played the Beta and it would be remiss of me if I didn’t give some feedback.

Hi. My name Sour and I have been playing musketeer as my main for a very long time now. I appreciate that you tried to leave feedback even though it wasn’t in the already established feedback thread here Closed Beta 1 Feedback Thread
In no way am I trying to illigitamize your feedback or feelings on the muskeeter and anytime you have any questions in game or see me feel free to stop me, say hi, and ask me questions. It is good to meet a fellow Musketeer!

While the orb colors had been confusing initially I can completely tell which one is which now just by looking at color and different spell effects around them. I think maybe the intention was to keep the healing orbs light or yellow colors and the others as different colors. It helps other people quickly tell that they are being hit by a good(healing or benefit) orb.

I am not actually sure what the max distance our orbs have but I have never had a problem with spell range. There has been many times I have been able to hit team mates who got caught behind by a mob while I am very far away. Like opposite side of the jungle village far away. If you can see your team mate(buddy) you can pretty much hit them with a well placed orb. There has been many times I have been much too far away for a healing turret to ever get close to someone but I’ve been able to hit team mates with a shield orb, a healing orb and hit their mob with a poison orb all while continuing to try to teleport towards them. Yes it is hard to aim that far at VR resolutions, It also can be problematic if your buddy moves even a little bit because those bullets are on a straight path and the orbs take a certain amount of time to travel the distance it takes to hit your buddy. One tip I can give you is to aim for somewhere between their chest and their legs. I find if I aim from very far away I am likely to come up just a little short but the orb will hit the ground giving its splash effect to your buddy. I like to practice on my buddy Logan all the time, either while we travel, while he is just standing around in town, or when he thinks I am not looking. I also like to get as far away from him as possible while still hitting him. He’s gotten used to being blasted in the head constantly.

Learning how to shoot things in motion and at a distance is one of those skills requirements baked into the class just like battle management through the correct use of orbs and the turret. As time goes on you will get better at hitting people at varying distances. I promise. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Sour. Thanks for responding. I appreciate your take on it and I’m actually happy to hear that the problem lies with me still being a noob. I will try aiming where you suggested and see if that makes a difference.

Can’t wait till next time. I want to make that World Boss my B*tch.

Your criticism is spot on and has nothing to do with you being a beginner.

I think the distance thing is an experience thing. There are certain areas with invisible walls (middle of the ruins in the desert) that block all shots, but in general of you aim properly you can shoot anything at the same distance. Calculating that distance is also tricky. I like it because once you master where to aim for the varying distances (there isn’t drop off but I know I personally aim too low and hit the ground before reaching my target) you really feel like you’ve reached the next level. I don’t think your distance issue is a game flaw, but it’s definitely something the devs should check just to be sure. You can never be too careful :stuck_out_tongue: Glad you’re enjoying the game!

Let’s all get together next test and see what the max distance is with the new class balances. :slight_smile:

I just remembered taking a screenshot of this problem. I’m not sure what triggers it but the effect can be seen. Basically the purple circles around the musket remain even when not firing the gun/ not in combat.

Oh that’s right. It was happening to me too while grinding. Had something to do with my ultimate triggering. I do know for sure it happened if my ultimate was used and then I died but it also happened other times.