Beta World First Sanyael!

Just wanted to send out a quick congrats to the EK group that just downed Sanyael for the first time ever in the Beta!

I was there recording footage for the trailer and got this clip of the first kill and them celebrating after. Congrats!

She will be back and stronger than ever for the release :wink:


makes a horrified face and cries in the corner


Of course I’m the one who looks away during the group shot! :sweat_smile:

I don’t even remember what I was looking at!

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@Riley_D I dc’d on this fight, it was an odd one. Everyone’s spells slowed way down and then sped up and then starting skipping and then froze. And then I dc’d halfway through this fight. When I came back on, everything went back to normal. I couldn’t submit a log, b/c we were in the middle of a fight. Not sure what happened.

I didn’t have any d/c but at one point Sanyael was invisible as he came up and I’m lucky his dive aoe targeted me. Not sure why it only happened once. Shield stun only triggered when I put my shield away and took it back out. Everything else was smooth. Hit detection was great, sword rush was reliable.

Yeah that sounds like just a garden variety actual disconnect…the packets weren’t getting to you fast enough or something then it dropped you. I’ve been meaning to ask, did that fix I put in a while back fix your spells so they aren’t skipping anymore?

I’m wondering if what happened on that was that his hit box is just really big, and so if your shield was already “in” the hit box it wouldn’t trigger, but putting it away and taking it back out would cause it to trigger. The sword works differently so it doesn’t have that problem anymore.

That’s definitely a possibility. It seems the stun has issues triggering on larger enemies and after a sword rush. Sword rush still puts you too close/inside enemies.

No, spells are still skipping the same as they were before.

No disconnects while fighting the boss, had one hard crash shortly before we started the fight.
My Poison orb stopped regenerating during the fight for some reason though, the sfx of the last shot sounded a bit lower pitched than usual. Musketeer ultimate didn’t regenerate the orb. My other three orbs worked properly throughout the fight. I sent in reports for both of those issues.

Try putting your gun away and pulling it back out. That’s what usually does the trick. The missing orb bug hasn’t hit me for a little while now though. Seems elusive

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Cool, I’ll try that when that issue pops up again.

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