Better enemies would be great!

A lot of the enemies are just re-skins of other enemies. for example the necro are just re-skins of other things like the Skav knights and starfraster. would it really hurt to just give them lifesteal or maybe Resurrection capabilities to fit the theme. The game just seems really stagnant. I don’t care if the updates come less frequently if they’re better quality.

All enemies so far in events were reskins where we luckily already know how to fight them and I really don’t mind… it’s a change of appearance just like the landscape changes which is otherwise same though. Resurrecting mobs in the overworld would make farming real lengthy and boring, my main purpose there is to get from A to B, most of the time, ex. events, not to fight myself through all types of complicated mobs. Dungeons are rather fit for challenges like these imo. There I would not mind seeing some new mechanics as well.

What bothers me more is that there’s hardly any lore connected, I mean, ok, it’s a fishing event, I got that far, also we need to defend the realm and all, along with that event (was both even connected, lorewise? I don’t think so…)
But there’s necro stuff around, why, did I either missed the lore which was connecting those to defend the realm (if that is the case?) or there is none.
I mean, any kill-quest, best several, explaining and introducing those new types of mobs, so they don’t feel like they popped outta the blue would’ve been great.


I assume that they will be the trash in the citadel raid (Q4) and they are just also using the model for the overworld to add more verity to it as it’s something people have complained about a lot

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Are they actually not just trash from the new upcoming island that escaped into the main land?

That’s also a possibility, who knows? The Devs

i mean maybe one of the necro enemies could summon ads (these would obviously be very weak)

honestly I dont care that they are reskins, they look really cool, and give the overworld a little more variety.

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Commenting myself, actually defend the realm was the OG event, it is “explore” the realm XD - so this really looks like three largely unconnected incidents starting at the same time, while a connection via lore to each other and the MSQ would’ve been nice but if mobs are really citadel-raid-related the explanation might still come.

The new necro mobs look awesome. Personally I like the big gimpy one the most.:heart: I hope they stay and aren’t just a summer thing.

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my theory is that the necro mobs came from a boss on the island called the Necromancer and its now raising the dead, fallen enemys who died in battle year ago on the main land

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