Better social media publicity and visibility


OrbusVr (Reborn) needs more publicity. It would help if there were an official OrbusVr YouTube Channel with professional videos of the gameplay, different classes and activities. Also the official OrbusVr page seems somewhat outdated. At least befor the release of reborn these aspects should be worked on since most people look online at the game.
Many YouTube videos of gamers dont do the game justice. Also most of them are very outdated. So if there were a channel from the founders it could help out a lot.

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Youtube is how I found out about orbus.
@mastergamingvr’s videos were very influential in me picking the game up. Specifically the spellcasting mechanics videos.


Yeah that is a good Point.

A better Instagram Account too.


a few of the founders and early backers have vids of orbus the issue is that most players seem to be on hiatus for the moment till the next beta period so getting up to date vids is tough.

@Kai_B1please no orbus Instagram please noooo


What would be wrong with being present on one of the biggest social media things?


:joy: the issue is its instergram


yeah should totes have a tiktok account instead yeah.





oh no that’s even worse


Actually they do have a youtube however it is barely used and I do agree with all said.


I will admit Im a little disappointed that wasnt hit or miss.


Just wanted to respond and say we agree there is more we could be doing to raise awareness, and we have hired a new employee to head up our PR and to get the good word out to the masses. We will be re-doing the websites to update them with the Reborn graphics, making new trailers, and being more active on social media. So just wanted to respond and say that we agree and are taking steps to get awareness up before launch, so keep a look out for some of the new upcoming media!


Sweet! I’m excited for that. I also just saw the new trailer for the Shaman. It looks amazing. Continue like that!

Small tipps for the next trailer:
• add sound effects to the shots, balls and bombs
• add one sentence description of what the different abilities can do