BEWARE Player Lures to the Wild to Kill you


They found a spot near the Mountain you can teleport up that puts you in the zone of the wild, bypassing signs that usually warn you of this zone.

Beware Lures in OrbusVR into the Wild, Players will kill you for stuff.
Players who lured me: GeneralRaam, Dohmer
Notice: Players with Orange names means they have recently killed another player. <- Part 1 <- Part 2


exploiting a glitched area, i mean its pretty easy to report bugs on the forums to get them fixed but the fact that these guys seem to be using it continuously to lure newer players in to kill/rob them… pretty scummy


General Raam is famous for doing this, report him and maybe they will ban him.


:frowning: continuously?


Intentionally luring a player to a glitched area which we can assume was to kill the player. How are these players not warned or banned for this? They are intentionally using glitches to grief other players.


I don’t mind the PK, but abusing a glitched area to kill others is kinna low.


He tried this to my second character but because I already knew about him I didn’t follow him, he really needs to be banned for this


Hahaha, shard dungeons completed: 0 on both of them and leveld only a 20 musky. What douchebags, seriously … without gear, skills or anything what will you do, they can get nothing but low level players :smiley: … and I agree, Orbus is such a great game, trolls like these should be banned (acc banned, that is, just in case they hide behind alts and will start over with a new one right away…)


they are alts, at least GeneralRaam. he does actually have alot of experience in the game.


The reason for my post isn’t so much to punish the players but for new players just to be wary of suspicious behavior, and to show this exploit that is allowing access into the wilderness (bypassing the warning signs)

Although I do think their accounts (not characters) should receive a temporary ban.


As people stated this is going on since months and toxic idiots like these can basically kill a game which struggles to get new players on board, at all.

BTW iirc this guild was named Customer Service at the start, for reasons of impersonating devs, which alone is certainly a reason for perm acc ban in other games.


Agreed, this sort of behavior can definitely put new upcoming games under, which is why I felt it’s important to point out the issue to new players, as well as devs.


no, customer service was another group of people. this is a different guild


Well it would’ve fit… I hate dishonesty more than everything, now in Orbus I actually experienced the opposite, so far. I was overly glad finding helpful people at the start, not even thinkin about being scammed.
Now if someone pretends to show me round and I end up killed and my items taken without any chance to notice or prepare it would most likely be my last day of playing, thinking the community is sh1t like that… so I do hope there’s consequences.

As for a general suggestion/consequence, so far I value my anonymity on my own alt, but reading this I think it’s a good idea to have a function to lookup who plays what characters, because that’s the most lame thing, hiding on an alt where it’s actually irrelevant if he gets banned or not or if reputation is bad or not as long as it doesn’t hit the main (and I think very few would go that far to buy the game twice or make several accs just to grief around…).


I also came across a player in highstep who was extremely annoyed at a member of the guild customer service you had lured him into the wilds asking for him to help get his bag back as he was having trouble … they then later killed and stole all his stuff in all for PvP but this behaviour is disgusting

  • Directly worsening the game experience of the newest players
  • Harming the community
  • Exploiting a bug

This account should be banned, and any other accounts using the same IP should be banned as well.

@Riley_D can you verify that these are actionable offenses, and/or if the community can provide any additional evidence to help address this?


So there’s nothing against the current rules of the game that prevents someone from luring new players to the Wilds and killing them.
However, purposely figuring out a way to avoid the signs that we placed into the game to warn new players is not a creative use of a game mechanic, it is clearly a direct attempt to get around the mechanics as they exist to help new players, and as such will be dealt with.
We were unaware of such actions until this thread was posted and we take the matter seriously.

It is the same Customer Service guild, and although we don’t discuss publicly action taken against individual users, there was action taken against the leader of the guild for using that name as it was a violation of the Terms of Service which disallows impersonating the Dev team, including a temporary ban on the account.

It’s also important to note that quite frankly, this type of behaviour is not something that we are thrilled with seeing in the game, which is why in Reborn there will be a new system where you must opt-in to any World PvP explicitly before you are able to participate in it.


Thanks very much for the response and info, Mathieu_D! Let us know if the community can assist further.


Thank you for this reply. It is always disheartening to see, experience, or hear instances of glitches used to grief people.


That’s great and yet more things to be excited for reborn !