Big chest in playerhome is behind guardian borders with oculus rift

Big chest in playerhome is behind guardian borders with oculus rift.

Ive treid redoing the sensor tracking setup but that didnt help, the floor teleportation just doesnt get me close enough to the chest. its like one meter away to grab it and its behind the guardian system.

Also got Oculus and have the same problem with reaching all chest and crafting table items. Because my playing space is a little limited.

Okay, I will add in a way to open those chests from a distance like you can loot from a distance. Sorry for the trouble. Hopefully that will be out in a patch tomorrow at the latest.

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Try first moving in real space to the BACK of your play space, then teleport as close to the chest as you can, then walk forward as far as you can in your real space and you should be able to reach it

They actually use your Guardian space as a limit. Not the headset. To keep you from walking out of bounds :slightly_smiling_face:

Your awesome Riley. Keep up the hard work. Such a quick turn around on issues!

Didnt know they did that, i have my gaurdian zone disabled cause i find it annoying lol.

Have yet to have a problem opening a chest :wink:

oh, and the menu system for swapping loot between inventory and the chest is also super far away, the chest I can sort of wiggle myhself to, but the loot windows cant be reached at all…!

didnt expect a reply, I continued playing and its a fun game so far! (lvl 2) :smiley:

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