Big Rupert question

So who do you guys think is more powerful, the goddes M’aat who created our realm and arguably created Rupert or Rupert himself after he ascend. I need an answer!!


I believe its actually the man in the pink barrel

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wow. what a shocker

ma’at because rupert sucks and ma’at’s justice is the best sword (next to the conundrum) in the game

Oviously (although out of the scope of the question), the designers/team who created both, and holds both at their mercy. Who’s is the more powerful? Only the team knows :smiley:

I mean I think the question is preaty simple. One of them is an omnipotent God with legions of worshipers and the other is Ma’at.


I mean didn’t the followers of m’aat end up losing. Sounds kinda weak ngl :eyes:

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the followers don’t always represent the power of who they are following.