Black screen after logging in


I just bought the game, and when I try to log in to my character, the black loading screen appears and just stays there. I have a GTX 1060 w/ 6GB of VRAM, and 16GB of ram, with an i7 7700HQ @ 2.80GHz. I’m on a rift with 3 sensors.


Hi, sorry for the issue! We’ll investigate and find out what’s going on. Can you send your output_log.txt to [email protected] ? you can link this thread in the email.

You’ll find your output file in one of the following: in your Oculus Apps\Software\OrbusVR\ folder if you bought it in the oculus store, or in Steam\steamapps\common\OrbusVR\vrclient_Data\output_log.txt if you bought it on Steam.



Does the black screen persist after:
-unplugging headset, replugging headset, restarting? This worked for me after I’d first bought and downloaded the game :woman_shrugging:
-do you have an extension for the headset, or is the full chord used only the original? I’ve had a “not good enough” extension before.
-Is Orbus the main window? Does min/maxing it do anything?
-Since you have rift, did you buy in Oculus store or Steam? If you bought on Steam, make sure you’re launching through Steam and that you have SteamVR disabled.


Nevermind, works now! Turns out I needed to update Windows!

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