Black screen on login

Having black screen issue on my Character Sixes , I made an alt account and I can log into that, but not my main.

Black screen. Black screen. Black screen. All I see. All I dream. It’s haunting me. Ode to Orbus’s black screen.

Well I’m kind of glad for some reason I thought this was some kind of soft Shadow Ban… I could get to the login screen but never could get into the overworld…after a lot of attempts I went ahead and thought huh why don’t I just create an alternate character and see what’s going on so I did and I spawned at Randall’s sprout graveyard he gave me the truffle Quest like I’d already done it but then told me I had to go see Gormnia so he basically gave me the DLC for free except for I went to see her and she wouldn’t talk to me I was also not able to get into the player house so I attempted to relog and now the alternate character cannot get in either.

So I’m unhappy that everyone cannot get in but I’m sort of happy that I haven’t been shadowbanned although I do absolutely nothing for that to take place.

I was leaving the main town when my dungeon que found a match, which caused my game to crash. since then I have a black screen when loading into my Main Character Sixes

Yeah, looks like the server is having issues creating new instances right now. So instanced things like your player house, dungeons, and pvp will get you stuck right now. I’m looking into a fix. Thanks for the info!


I dindu nuffin’.

I was in the player house the last time I closed the game.

It may not be pertinent, but I will mention I did try to login earlier today when the server was offline for maintenance. I dunno if that could affect things…

Yeah hi my name is Aaronj in the game and I logged out in the player house this morning before work and after I choose my character I am blacked screened I only get limited time to play so I’m pretty bummed I can’t play right now:(

Devs are working on it. One of the devs said it might be to do with the instances like homes and dungeons.

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I really do appreciate the developers for looking into this so late at night it shows they care hope you guys can get it fixed!:muscle:t2: I believe in you and thanks for such an awesome game!

I was going from wastelands to rainforest

Server is restarted, things should be good now.


Thank you devs for all the hard work.


Working here! TY!!

I am having the black screen issue on login. I was going through the door in Highsteppe and never went outside. Now I am stuck in a black screen upon login. (Character: Silurean)

Hi my name is Yoshino in the game and when I left the main town I was put into the void and I tried re logging but it didn’t do anything

Also black screen on login character name is FuSoYa

Same issue for me, username Dumfann. I was loading into the starting aera

Also black screen on login. Character name is JGorb. Happened while using the teleporter between lamavora and highsteppe.

Same issue for me, username Dumfann. I was loading into the starting area

Working now. I was able to login.