Blank screen bug?


I was getting in combat with another player and he drank an invis pot. Right when he drank it my whole game froze on a red screen? Then the color changed to blue, then green, then back to red and it is stuck like this after re logging and after resetting my PC. This bug is only on Orbus as well I am able to launch other games with no problem.


I may think i ended up underneath the map? Maybe i could be TP to highsteppe or just kill me, maybe that will fix?


Can you access your in-game menu or see your equipment on your toolbelt? If so, you could try the go to graveyard button in settings or grab your teleporter to take you back to your house. Otherwise, you may need dev help…


I am unable to access my menu. but i can how ever take my hammer off my back and charge it and hear the audio and responses from it i just cant see anything except that screen.


I can try and teleport you back to your house, what is your character name?

And real quick before I do that, can you report the bug through the launcher so we can receive your output_log file and debug this? Sorry about that.


In game name is “DoctorHolmes”…lol And i will report it through the laucher thanks!


The report a bug button at the beginning of the launcher is not sending the bug report for some reason it just sits on submitting and the game is still bugged btw… not sure i’m my game being bugged has anything to do with it.


Could you send us the file manually to [email protected] and link the thread in the email?

You should be able to find it in C:\Users[name]\AppData\LocalLow\Orbus Online, LLC\OrbusVR\output_log.txt

I will reset your player to your house now, if you can send it before you launch the game again that would be great. Thanks!


I have just experienced the exact same issue. Name in game I Napar. I will try to report at the log in screen as well but any help would be great!!



I just reset your character, sorry about that!


For some reason, it still did not fix the issues. But I do see a dark blue screen now.


I’m having the same issue, I need a reset, IGN: Semzie


Sorry for the delay, I reset you.

Do you know what you were doing right before it happened?


No problem, I was doing the world event in front of highsteppe and leveled up from it. As soon as I leveled up, my screen froze and everything looked gold (from the animation). When I tried to log back in, I first got what a pm’d you (the sort-of navy blue frozen screen), then a couple tries later I started getting the red from this post. Completely filling up my screen, nothing to do about it.


I am now stuck under the map again for going into my player home -_-

I opened the door and it put in the same screen as before…


Hello, i have the exact same problem, i get stuck in dark blue screen on my character “Creality” and i can’t do nothing. Could you reset my character please?


If you were logged out just now it should be back in your Player House.