Blocked shots/spells by players - turn off body collision?


I only recently noticed Shaman orbs are not colliding with player bodies in pve, just smoothly passing thru them, while spells and arrows collide. The worst is scoundrel bullets, I am hitting either the tank or players all the time with curves.

Edit (few more thoughts on scoundrel): Other than rangers and mages scoundrels don’t only require a corridor, but also a vast player-free space at the side to get higher curves in on trash. Often enough the sides where scoundrel bullets should land are covered by a tank because tanks are trained to stand there to open the straight corridor for the other dps classes.

Wouldn’t it be a great change to have most arrows, bullets and spells also pass through party member’s bodies (turn off collision)? The only thing to care for is

  • to exclude those which are supposed to hit players (mage shield, decurse etc.)
  • to ONLY make that apply to players in your party (so it automatically excludes enemy players in bgs and overworld-pvp; and also world bosses but all could live with that I guess)

…turning off body colicion for none pvp players would be nice in pvp as well. Would stop the annoying body blocking


I will disagree with the need / want to turn off body collision. This is one part of the game wether in pvp or pve that makes sense, at least to me. This part, in a vr game, “encourages”, “forces”, or “mimics” some sense of what one might expect to happen in the real world. Someone / thing stands in my way I would expect a projectile to hit the thing in my way. And I get the “it’s magic” argument but by shutting off collision it makes the game easier by eliminating a part of game play, Making player positioning to your teammates relevant in combat.
I think this discussion has been had in a previous thread, in length. With multiple reasons for both given.


It is already turned off for the shaman and shamans still got enough other things to focus on than jumpin around teammates like an idiot to get a shot in. This is just annoying for most; and in the case of scoundrel makes the class unplayable in many situations (tho I feel it’s almost pointless to bring that up again and again because hardly anyone plays the class in pve and thus ofc don’t care…).

As for immersion, real world? Well, if I hit someone in the real world with a bullet he’s dead and no longer blocking, problem solved :wink:

And no, I did not read in other threads that turning it of will make the game “easy” or even thought of it… as if the only challenge VR offers is tryin to get a hit in because the backs of players are in front of you :smiley: . Apart from that it IS way easier for taller players or those standing up already, in former times tampering with settings, having a broader playspace etc.

Bosses are designed tall for that exact reason, so you don’t have to care about players, normally!
The problem does occur on trash and in narrow corridors, tho, and specially with some new classes. Shamans tend to get as close as possible, don’t think the patch changes much about that, so in fact we got another ‘melee’-class to avoid already.

There’s a bazillion other ways to make fights challenging, for example by boss mechanics, avoiding smashes and so on, that is the main reason why positioning is needed currently, nothing would change with that.


As much as I dislike my arrows being blocked by people sliding back and forth in front of me for no reason or musky turrets being placed right in front of the mob. I do think this should stay as it is. It is part of learning how to play your class with a group.

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Uhhh yaa people blocking each other at boss 5… nice I love it (NOT) :roll_eyes:
Also the turret…


I guess this is just a difference in how or who we might experience the game with. I play scoundrel, maybe not at its fullest potential, but I would not call it a class that is unplayable because my bullet can not hit the target due to someone blocking my shots. I do agree that it does happen, but my counter argument is that the more we play with the class and the same people the less the collisions happen.

Agree!!! I think we kind of have that as an option I guess with PVP… lol Gotta love friendly fire.

I agree with you to some extent and I didn’t mean to imply it makes the game easy, but it is one less thing we would need to worry about during combat which in my opinion would make game play “easier” through a process of elimination.

I understand and agree with your argument here, but it currently is not enough, in my opinion, to warrant the removal of the pve character hit boxes.

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I think there’s simply too few (good) scoundrels in the game rn; there are countless narrow places where the collision MUST happen if you try to curve. Unlike rangers you can’t just point and shoot thru a hole in front of you, the design - as it’s originally meant - requires to have a vast player-, wall- and block-free space to your right. Scoundrels I play with don’t currently even bother curving high ranks on trash, and where should they, you can mostly forget that in dungeons like Broken Halls and this fact makes scoundrels suck very hard outside bossfights, most of the time.
This is not the only fix for it, but it is not fixed by getting your group to adapt to your needs which hardly anyone understands who’s not playing the class; and if they would there’s not that many places to move to and provide all that free space for mages, rangers and scoundrels alike (yey for this weeks discontent mutation btw!).

I was actually surprised that people got suddenly THAT much issues with removing player hitboxes for certain projectiles, didn’t read that in threads where it was suggested before. It is in place for the shaman for a very good reason already, it doesn’t take anything away from the need to aim and get better at your class, move around to dodge boss attacks, trash-ranged attacks, smashes, AoEs and what not, but well, nvm.


I don’t think spells and arrows should go through players as personal preference but I would definitely be on board if the turret stopped body blocking my spells. Though like most changes I would not mind it being implemented.

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To me it just makes positioning on bosses annoying… Playing the ‘you sit, i stand’ game.


lol you would start to hear instead, “stop casting spells through me, I can’t see”


You can turn off seeing mage spells (or the shaman ones which are actually already doing that to the tank all the time), I do it in raids and it’s also a help at the world boss events.


You turn off mage spells on any end game content. Too much frame dropping.


I can see why many people would need to turn off spell effects during raids, because some PCs will lag. There are also people who don’t lag, and like to see where their teammates shots are going (such as hitting orbs, etc).

Either way I was not advocating against this suggestion, I just thought it was a funny truthful fact :slight_smile: