Blog - Upcoming Content Preview, Dungeons, Shard Increase, and more


Hey folks, we just wrote a long article talking about what’s coming up in the next couple months, but mainly in October the new dungeons, as well as the Shard dungeon increases.

We also touch up on some other subjects like the bug report tool, festivals, and a few words about tinkering and house customization.

Check it out!


With the help of new blueprints, you will be able to start crafting some new exciting items in Orbus. Find the right blueprint from a boss drop and you can craft your own mount, or buy a blueprint off an NPC and craft a picture to hang on your wall.

Sounds like a purely cosmetic profession, which is a bit of a let down. It seems like this game risks less and less, and thereby offers so little.


super exited about the shard dungeons, but nothing on the index?
can we get at least an estimate of when we will be getting a fix? because atm the angles are horrible

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“and the two new level 30 dungeons will be the only two dungeons at Shard level 14 and 15”

Eeeehm, why? You do realize that those few that stay at T15 won’t see the other dungeons anymore. We tried telling you that :confused:

Same for airship, why did that dungeon get removed specifically?


well, originally it was gonna be 11-15, so only 14 and 15 is at least better, but I’d like all the dungeons to be available at those levels too.


If you want to leave the other dungeons behind I am fine with that, BUT then it needs to be replaced with more dungeons, not less. So from 4 to 2 dungeons is a content downgrade in my opinion. Are there more dungeons planned on that lvl soon?


I didn’t notice a single hint that the Tinkerer would be anything else then just cosmetic since the start of the game (years ago). So that should not have been a surprise. But I do agree on wanting to see some more things have actual influence on the game other then cosmetic.


I guess I hadn’t seen anything about it besides a crafting gif. I was hoping for some interesting tools or something.


Talking about the mount, unless it is the best looking mount ever, which I can not imagine, I personally don’t want it until I can finally transmog mounts. Because I don’t want another item in my chest/inventory. So hoping for still being able to transmog mounts.

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Will there be a way for players to visit our houses? A house near by that players enter and it will take them to the party leaders house or something would work well :man_shrugging:


so uuuhhhh
any balancing for tanks, ya know, one of the most imporant parts of any end game content?
so that warrirs still cant solo tank no healer?
or that paladins can?
or so there is any reason to use a paladin?
wouldnt even be suprised if its impossible ot tank certain stuff T10+ as pally

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I also was really hoping that the tinkerer would have some benefits beyond just cosmetic. Something like upgrading your potion making bench allows you have have a different ingredient layout, or allows you a better chance at getting more than one pot from a brew, or lure from that table. How about an ability to craft a magic door that leads to your guild hall. Or you have a new bench where you can make upgrades to your gear (even if those are cosmetic only). And I agree there isn’t much value in being able to upgrade your home’s look if you are the only one that get’s to see it.


100% this ^

So when we get enough practice to consistently finish and complete T15 shards in time we get rewarded with doing only the same 2 dungeons? The game will quickly become stale at that point and makes me lose a huge amount of motivation to even get to that.

I’m thinking: great from tier 11 - 13 will be the most fun and diverse with more mutations and chance of 5 dungeons but from tier 14 - 15 its down to only 2 and yes mutations change the dungeon to a degree but not enough to visually and mentally feel different enough each run.

Also why is Airship removed? I don’t understand the logic behind this. If its because of room size(?) for example the new mutation time bomb hasn’t got enough fair throw distance, then can it not just be diffusing the bomb stops it entirely from blowing up for only the airship.

Another concern I have is from reading the blog post its always the abandoned cave dungeon first then the ancient temple as there is a clear order to unlock the temple. Does this mean T14 is only abandoned cave and T15 is only temple? or the first time levelling the shard it will go in that order and then has a chance to either be one of the two?

P.S. I’m actually very disappointed to hear T14/15 can only be 2 dungeons, enough so to make me consider quitting. I don’t want to become a master at shards so I get to only see 2 dungeons. Generally most end game players only log on for shards/raids. Raids are always the same but for a once/twice a week thing that’s fine. Daily shards? only 2 dungeons, little to no variety until a new week with mutation change? No. thank. you.

I feel like this post needs some positive though…

So on the good side, the new legendary preview looks good. I want a golden dragon gun. Tinkerer sounds interesting and will wait for more details. New cosmetic dram sinks sounds nice, gives me a reason to earn dram again (I recently spent it all and am a happy to be poor person).


Well, RIP airship… I’m not really looking forward to mechanics of the OG coming back which I already went thru hundreds of times but I guess there are some concerns that the existing dungeons can’t be tuned up to level 14/15; that airship is removed makes sense, for me, because if it gets a little harder the “waves” can’t ever be done in time or need to be redesigned, so you can speed all up somehow. But do we really wanna do Broken Halls over and over, for the next year? That’s also lame, so level 14/15 for the “new” stuff is fine, but perhaps there’s more content comin for 14/15, in the long run, I’d hope so.

In case it got buried, one concern: Dovregubben used to be a “looking-up” boss, back then we had no inside-out tracking tho. I HOPE the return of this boss will be taking into account that the Quest as well as the Oculus Rift S (which I am using, occassionally) easily looses tracking when it comes to hand-sensor coordination while looking up…

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I want them to give us something to fill the bracers slot


Its just there so the menu looks nicer
I hate it


After airing my grievances about the apparent direction of Tinkering, I will confess a mild hype for the psuedo-revived Spiro transmogs. Hopefully some of the technical issues plaguing dungeons will be fixed by the 8th and I’ll have a chance to actually farm them up.

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As long as there is a difference between the OG stuff and this stuff i am good.


Yea so that it is clear who was an oh-so-awesome “hero” starting a game earlier than those starting in Reborn… (I couldn’t care less really; even if they slightly alter it, noone will most likely notice this change or care lol…). Looking at my Chest it’s endless scrolling through stuff already, highly confusing already with gear types and class-related raid gear and what not.
Not eager to see new and double items pouring in just to please people’s cravings to have stuff others can’t get (as if there wasn’t enough of this, pets and capes should be sufficient). Would love to complete my old collection for all classes instead, wouldn’t mind the wilds gear also comin back, not altered, but 1:1.
Same with “gold foil” hm raid gear which sure is distinct, yet no one is wearing it, really hope that mistake is not made, again.


Every time this topic arises you seem to complain about it. Some people like to have things that are exclusive. You may not, but try to see it from someone else’s perspective for a change. I understand the desire for exclusive items. This is why people collect things. Pokemon cards, cars, coins, guitars, guns, etc. People like to collect these things because often times, they are limited. I can also understand why people would want transmogs from OG and transmogs from Reborn to look different considering that the content in the original was more difficult whether it be the raids or the shards.