Bonus XP Weekend

The Bonus XP Weekend has officially kicked off, and will run from now until 11 PM CST on Sunday.

During this time you will gain a 50% Bonus added to all XP gained from monster kills, so leveling up your character should go quite a bit faster!

It’s a great time to level up your primary character if you still aren’t 20, or level up an alt class if you want to give yourself some additional options for gameplay.



Can you extend it a few more hours for those that had to work the weekend?

For alt char…Is it now 30% (bonus for alt char)+50% (xp weekend) = 80% more xp?
Or is it only +50%? Cause it feels like the latter…

You mean lower level class on the same character or an actual alternate character?

Sorry, lower level class on same char I meant of course!

So if you have 100 XP as the base XP.

First it applies the 50% bonus, so it would be 100 * 1.50 = 150 XP
Then it applies the additional lower-level-character bonus, so 150 * 1.30 = 195XP.


I think it is definitly 30%+50% … not sure about dungeons though, it seemed to be less yesterday (which would be sad, if so, because the core-areas are very frequented right now, so for groups dungeons would be better).

Edit: Ok great, thanks for clarifying @Riley_D

It’s the same for dungeons as well as overworld, with the exception of some Boss spawn-in minions which now give 0 XP in dungeons (but that change was made a bit ago).

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Sure, I will leave it on until Monday morning when I wake up around 8 AM Central. :slight_smile:


You’ re the man Riley. Thanks.


From 12 to 15 on all three alts, and wow my arms hurt. How’d yall do this weekend?

Was just about to post and say, server will restart in about 30 minutes to turn off the XP Bonus. Thanks!

worked on my musk only, got it from 13 to 19.5 :smiley:

Got my Warrior from 12 to 20, Mage from 11 to 20 and Musk from 9 to 11, been a fun weekend :slight_smile:

The Bonus is now officially turned off. Thanks!

Thanks for the EP Weekend.
Archer 12-20
Musketeer 0-20
Mage 7-11

Musk from 4 to 13, warrior from 5 to 18. Switched the sword between my hands cuz the pain was too much :smile:

Oh God!! :hushed:
You played the whole weekend non-stop? :smiley:

This weekend finally made leveling in random or guild groups feel awesome… been a bit worried about spots like worms being hopelessly overfarmed, but grouping up all went so much more smoothly than expected!

One more class at 20, finally, arms are feeling like jelly, overall great fun!