Boss 2 Hard Mode Citadel

Okay that’s what I was missing. The way I was reading it, people were upset about the dps requirements instead of the mechanics.

I think dps requirements should be the max of the worst dps atm (shaman) so we’re looking at probably 60k from each dps and for a raid party for boss you’re looking at 1 tank 1-2 healers so around 420-480k dps to kill the boss which definitely isn’t enough to do it with plea so I believe that even if it were a dps requirement its not a fair one for how the game “can” be played the reason I say this is that I remember the devs reinforcing multiple times they want the content to be able to be played on any class but a high skill level and there isn’t much getting better at shaman


if they were going to have a dps check i dont think the dps check is kill the boss before he guaranteed kills everyone, im pretty sure they dont intend to have no way around death on this boss, since they tried to fix it already a few times i highly doubt it, but it would be so nice if they would try again

Honestly based on that video it looks more like the rush and jump timers overlap and because the boss is rushing you will die when he jumps. If he rushes every time he jumps at a certain point then we would have explanation as to why we just die instantly without changing strategies.

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