Boss 5 not dropping pets?


I don’t think boss 5 is dropping any pets in normal mode and hard mode raids. Everyone who has gotten a pet says they got it from Boss 4. Can you make sure Boss 5 are dropping pets? What is the drop rate again for these pets?


Considering that boss 4 has actually been farmed for pets, it might not be too unreasonable that boss 5 hasn’t seen one yet.


I believe that this question stems from the fact that the cloaks were supposed to be on the boss 5 loot table but the drop chance was set incorrectly. What Crazie is actually asking here is:

  • Can you check that the loot table has the correctly set drop chance?
  • Can you check that it is actually on the loot table?

Considering the pet has a chance of dropping from boss 5 and the number of boss 5 kills is 23 on normal (230 individual chances of a drop) and 5 (50 individuals killing hard mode) which totals 280 chances this does not seem like an unreasonable question.


I have verified just now that it is definitely working, it’s the same code that drops the pet for Boss 4, so they would either both be working or none would be. Note that the current drop chance is 1%, so it is pretty rare.


That would explain why we haven’t seen any pets yet! Thanks for the info!


I guess we did just hit bad RNG collectively, 6% chance of 280 kills without a pet.


1% chance but @J11 has both normal mode and hard mode, hate his luck :joy:


But 0 armor or weapon in exchange


I feel that! Oh the pain of no drops


I’ll trade you my Flava Flav outfit for any of your pets.


Thanks for checking it. I just wanted to make sure it was on the loot table since the capes weren’t there before.


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