Boss one Ancient Temple leashing


instead of pillars can they be switched with pools the boss kept leashing. during a run at the first boss of the dungeon we found the pillars were causing problems like the boss leashing and movement issues with players the boss also would hit players through the pillar or not walk close enough to the pillar to work properly. I think swapping the pillar for pools of the same colours as the pillars would fix these issues. it would keep the same mechanics but instead of hiding in the pillars it would have players hide in pools.


Red pillar causes leashing for sure.

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i think they just need to change the leash range


It’s definitely the pillars, not leesh range.

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huh, it seems when our tank kited him slightly past one of the pillars he leashed, although it may have been because of the pillar.


Ya not sure if its the tank touching a pillar or the boss choosing a screwy path and trying to run through the pillar and resetting.


im not exactly sure, im fairly sure the boss did not touch the pillar and randomly leashed a little past it.
however i have been wrong before so i wouldn’t doubt it


both green and blue do it as well I think purple did ones.


We’re looking into this issue and some possible fixes for it.


We just had the issue again and it is slowly annoying. The boss is dragged to the pillar, and it resets. If those leashes are the reason this shard is not done in time (at one run we had 3 in a row!!) there is no point in doing it on higher levels, currently, at all.

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Okay, we’ll take another look at it. We had pushed out a possible fix for it but I guess it wasn’t enough. Thanks for letting us know.

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This happened many times in the shard we ran tonight.


Yeah this is pretty bad. Happened a lot last night


As an FYI this issue isn’t exclusive to this boss. Any mob that tries to dodge or path around or into the corner of things (e.g. wall corners or the minecarts in the cave) will vanish into the air or below the ground and will usually leash or glitch out the whole group.

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If anyone could send us a video (PM or just post here) of the boss leashing so we can see exactly how to replicate it on our dev server that would make tracking it down easier. We tested it quite a bit on dev with the latest patch before we pushed it up and couldn’t get it to happen without actually standing inside the pillars themselves.

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also happened to me i was tanking went around the piller the boss accidentally walk in and it leash happened twice


potato just recorded it


Can confirm. For us, it was the back right pillar (if you are entering the room, forget which color that is). Might be any pillar. Our paladin tank teleported behind the pillar during his AoE, the boss followed afterwards and leashed. Tank wasn’t hugging the pillar, he was decently far behind it.