Bosses are hard to hit in melee


Boss #1 of the crypt dungeon is super hard to hit as a melee (his hit box is way smaller than his model size). you basically cant reach him unless you are completely under him.

If you are in range to hit him in melee, you are literally inside of his model and cant see anything he does. really hard to dodge stuff when you cant see any animations.


Was this as a warrior or paladin? As a warrior I didn’t have any issues with hitting or stunning him. I could also see the charge bar (Though not the attack name most of the time). The hammer seemed shorter than the sword, so maybe it’s a problem with the weapon?


this was the paladin. when we redid the dungeon, i basically noticed that there was only a specific section near his ass that would count as a hitbox. if you hit his arms or legs, it wouldnt register.

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