Bought boot mount, not in inventroy

I hope I’m posting in the correct place…I apologize if I’m not.

I bought the boot mount via the in game store and it didn’t appear in my inventory. I went to the backer rewards person and that didn’t help.

If i’m missing something i’m sorry! Just looking for help to solve the problem

This sometimes happens try buying something else and then checking because when I get something and it doesn’t show up I usually buy it again and then both show up so just try buying the lowest priced thing in any vendor

If that doesn’t work then I’ll give you your dram back

i mean, i bought this thing for 9.99 from the shop with “real” money and not dram

Oh I’ve never spent money so I wouldn’t know

Hmm maybe try using the rewards vendor when I bit the dlc to get the shrinkinayor thing I had to talk to someone maybe same for that

he already tried the rewards vender he said.

I would restart your game and then try again

oh ok thats to bad but hope he can get it soon

That happens alot also when getting loot etc. Simply move something around in your inventory or put something in from your chest, that should make the new thing show-up.
If that does not work reboot like Chase said and if that does not work either it’s a bigger problem with the purchase (look in your Oculus history if it was really purchased), you can then use the ingame-report function for that or email devs [email protected]

Hi, if you restart the game and pretend to purchase the item again (it won’t let you buy more than one, don’t worry), it should register your purchase and give you the item. Let me know if that works.

Just as a follow up, we found an issue in the version of the game that you had which caused this issue - download the patch and try doing what I said above and it should work now. Thanks!

where would i find this patch?

It should automatically download, are you on the Quest? Restart your headset just to make sure but you should have it when you next launch the game.

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