Bow draw string goes sideways

I found a new Bow today, It´s a “Longbow [156]” but the draw string goes sideways. The bow is still working how it should but it looks pretty weird. I already logged out and logged back in but it didn´t fix it. Also the Arrow is going straight threw the Bow “grip”.

I don´t have any time now to restart my PC or so but I will do that when I´m back home, I just wanted to let you guys know about that

This was already reported :slight_smile: yeah, it’s very irritating… I got that bow too :smiley:

I wasn´t able to find it when i looked for it

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Bump. Just started happening to me today, Longbow [125] dropped from Rainforest

Hey Brian! So this is actually a duplicate thread for an issue discussed in the topic linked above. It’s in our tracking system. Thanks for reporting!

I´m sure everybody noticed that one but with the patch today it got fixed :+1:

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