Brainstorming New Affixes

I believe that we could make high tier armor and weapons more interesting by making more interesting affixes for them.

Currently for Weapons, we have the following affixes:
Lifesteal: Almost entirely useless as classes that need lifesteal don’t do enough damage to make it work, and classes that do enough damage don’t need lifesteal.
Charged Strikes: Essentially just more damage.
Unbending: One of the more interesting affixes, but it does have the issue of DoTs killing you after unbend. [suggestion: have a built in decurse with unbend proc]
Treasure Master: Very fun affix, although not for combat.
Giantkiller: Essentially just more damage
Iceheart: Essentially just more damage
Bleed: The best affix IMO. Not only is it interesting and allows you to pull extremely high numbers for short periods of time, it has also been a defining factor for a few scoundrel and ranger builds.
Lightning Forged: Completely useless. Low proc chance and low damage. No one ever runs this by choice.
First Strike: Not interesting in of itself, but the fact that it can be used for Musky aggro generation is a cool interaction.

Most of the affixes are just a slight damage buff and make no real playstyle difference. It would be interesting if we were able to get some affixes that created playstyle differences.

Some ideas that were brainstormed:
Thorns - Deal a certain amount of damage taken back to the enemy.

  • This would be an interesting addition as not only would it create incentive to not stunlock, it would also be a slight buff to warrior as the lack of innate damage resistance means higher thorns damage.

Sunning - Interrupting an attack stuns the enemy for 5 seconds.

  • Would be decent for add control, in addition to certain bosses (for example, boss 2 GC) that have interruptable abilities.

Resiliant - Taking magical damage reduces physical damage by 10% for 5 seconds and vice versa.

  • Could add some interesting aspects where you could intentially take magical damage in order to gain damage resistance. Outside of that, it would be a decent damage resist on adds.

Stealthed - Gain 30% less aggro.

  • Would allow DPS to take the tradeoff between doing more damage and being less likely to pull aggro.

These ideas are similar to other affixes as they are small bonuses that would have interesting effects ingame. But we can make them more interesting.

Optimized - Dodging a magical attack by less than 1 meter gives a 10% damage boost for 5 seconds.

  • The largest damage boost out of affixes, but has more specific criteria to activate it. Gives a tradeoff between risk and reward, where dodging by a smaller margin gives a damage buff.

Master Artificer - Every 5th tile procc’d has no interference.

  • Currently, long tile chains suck. No one ever uses them because the buff is so small. This would allow us to use carefully timed longer tiles in order to gain a 10% buff for 12 seconds. You would still have to proc the tile with usual methods, this would just ignore the amount of interference in the proc.

Team Player - Party buffs (hunter mark, break shot, weakness, pally left book, warrior sword raise, ect.) are 10% more effective

  • Would not be good for solo parsing (1% buff to rotation mage), but depending on the number on the number of raiders it could be good.

Anyone have suggestions for more? Some more niche affixes so everyone doesn’t just run bleed + giantkiller/iceheart could be cool.

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Sorry, really had to stretch for the character minimum there.


These are all really great ideas, i was just wondering…

For certain interrupt attacks (Mage pushback, shaman stun totem) these already have small stuns. Would the 5 seconds overlap these already present stuns? Or add onto them.

Would this only activate if you were in a party? Might be kind of a dumb question now that im thinking of it but im too lazy to delete :sweat_smile:
Just an idea brought on by the stealth affix, maybe certain affixes could be turned off and on, outside of combat? Since stealth would be very useful, but sometimes you want aggro as a dps too.

Team player would be BROKEN as hell.

team player:

Weakness gives 5% -> 15% (per weakness stack)
Breakshot gives 8% -> 18%
Hunters mark 5% -> 15%

So lets say the party has a rotation mage, ranger, scoundrel, muski

3(Weakness)+Hunters mark+ breakshot
45% + 18% + 15%
78% boost!! These are 100% uptime buffs also

Before team player it would be
15% + 8% + 5%
28% boost.
This would be insanley broken
Running : Bleed, Team player
Would be almost anyones main loadout however the max dps affixes would still be Iceheart bleed, because of it only gives you a 1% buff.
This would kill rotation mages we wouldnt be top dps anymore, because we couldnt get the buffs of the 30% weakness, we would still have 10%, and would have to sacrifice 3% of our iceheart to buff the party with 20% more dps arguably better, but rip the rotation mages 3% dps.

Noooo. 10% more effective means that it does 10% more than it does currently. A rotation mage’s 10% weakness would go to 11% (that’s why I said it’s a 1% buff to rotation) for example.

Thank god, otherwise this would be insane

For Stunning, probably replace it. To be honest, the actual stun isn’t really used, and making the stun 0.5 seconds longer likely won’t change much.

For Team Player, no. It would buff every effect that can help other players, regardless of the number of people in the party. The idea behind it is that the damage buff from being solo would be far worse than using a damage affix, but the total added damage in a large raid party would be better than any damage affix.

For stealth, I’m not sure. The idea behind some of these would be that the affixes are more niche, where you might keep a Stealth wand for certain scenarios, a Team Player wand for rotation mage in raids, and a regular Bleed wand for example. Each of them had their own use case where they are better or worse than other other affixes

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Ok first things first already have to many affixes in game so adding more would make rerolling take so long so you would first have to remove some and replace them which would mess with the game for people who have certain affixes already on their weapons
First up we have stunning and the idea seem cool and all but in a actual fight is literally trash there are plenty of bosses where you don’t want to interrupt or mess with the tanks stuns
Thorns would be interesting but have to be balance it doesn’t really fit a weapon affix and we again already have to many affixes for Amor and weapon
Resiliant Would be OP for certain bosses that people normally struggle on like mist keeper
Stealthed Useless for 99% people because the people that pull typically want min max affixes and would not run it
Optimized would be hard for the game to detect knowing the devs also useless on a lot of bosses where there can be easily better affixes
Master Artificer I can see being useless or being some what OP for certain classes
Team Player Would be still kinda OP for raids probably can get in the 3-7% range idk didn’t do the numbers and would be pretty bad is dungeons but i guess it’s a interesting trade off
Sorry not trying to go off on these there interesting ideas but they range from being trash or OP not to much of a middle ground

Ok seeing how team player is for everyone in the party yeah no to OP

The idea behind some of them is that they are niche.

Stealthed is good in scenarios where you’re worried about pulling aggro, and you can use another affix in a scenario where you are confident in your tank.

Resiliant is great for certain bosses, but is useless in other bosses and will take the place of a universal survivability affix such as unbending or charged strikes.

Sorta my goal in making these is that currently every class just runs bleed + iceheart/giantkiller for every scenario. In order to use a niche affix, they have to be better than the generic damage ones, so they have an above average level of power, or are especially good in certain scenarios.

Also, Team Player isn’t that OP. Rotation mage has the best buff, and it gives an extra 1% damage. In a case where there are 8 dps in a raid, that’s effectively 8% extra damage. It’s good, but only 3% more than iceheart or bleed and relies on being in a raid party with only a single tank and healer where all dps are attacking the same enemy. Again, it’s powerful but niche.

With that’s affix that can give a whole raid party a 3.875% buff that’s way to op for 10 people that’s 38.75% buff that’s way over powered and it’s guaranteed unlike bleed

But the point about optimized is probably valid.

Maybe instead have something where you gain 15% projectile damage for 5 seconds after taking physical damage?

How did you get 3.875%?

Also for shaman they normally run Bleed charged strikes better than gaint killer and tanks and healers run charged strikes and sometimes first strike and normally unbending

All the buffs in the game that’s have 100% uptime added 10% onto all them and that’s the extra %

Not accounting for bard super

I mean, then you need a whole party running the same, non-damage, affix. It’s still 8% at max (rotation mage has the highest buff)

What do you mean 8% at max?

To be completely honest, making bard super go from 20% to 22% would not break the game.

From above:

Also, Team Player isn’t that OP. Rotation mage has the best buff, and it gives an extra 1% damage. In a case where there are 8 dps in a raid, that’s effectively 8% extra damage. It’s good, but only 3% more than iceheart or bleed and relies on being in a raid party with only a single tank and healer where all dps are attacking the same enemy. Again, it’s powerful but niche.