"Break It" 10% damage (maybe too punishing for ranger)


I’m playing a ranger, and I have begun noticing my charged Piercing arrow on max orbs do 6-14k dmg, on a target that needs to be interrupted, while in a shard with “Break it”.

  1. boss interrupts does not do this.
  2. normal mob interrupt does not do this (since the charged arrow removes the interrupt)

Is this intentional? if so it makes it really terrible for rangers (and possibly other classes) since that’s their main damage spike on cd. (The charged arrow removes 50% of the interrupt, and since there still is an interrupt active the attack does 10% dmg)

edit; It makes sense to have a punish for not interrupting, but this makes it almost pointless for a ranger to interrupt since it punishes using the charged arrow even more. (since I can do min 60k on a well timed shot, and about 140k on a crit+mark)