Breaking down items doesn't work


While I was playing through the reborn beta, I noticed that items that are broken down does not result in a minor shard anymore. I believe this is a bug, unless something has changed from before. I tried multiple times to break equipment down, but nothing happened in terms of receiving minor shards. Has anyone else had this problem?


Were you breaking down new items from Reborn or items imports from the current base game?


Both. I broke down gear I had just received during the beta as well as older gear from the base game.


Also old epics don’t break down into glimmering shards, they just become nothing


Same, but only with old gear which gave nothing.


Starting gear you get for free also gives nothing


That makes sense tho, otherwise you could farm dram by getting the starter wepon over and over, break them down and sell the shards


Yeah I figured that old items and beginner items wouldn’t give anything, but I was mainly breaking down gear I got from monsters that were not the saplings right outside of Highsteppe, they were past the dragon maze and to the right. I can’t remember the exact name of the monsters now, but some of them had the TNT or whatever explosives were on their backs,and some were just stronger versions of the ones right outside of Highsteppe, although they had a different name. I would think that items dropped from these monsters would have to give minor shards since it was gained through combat.


We’ve tested these and they were all working on our side, next time you get an item that isn’t dismantling into a shard properly can you send the bug report through the launcher? We’ll take a look at the log and see what’s going on with that. Thanks!


Just broke down my raid helm on my muskie and didn’t get a glimmering shard, sent log


Okay, so I think we know for sure that old gear items are not breaking down into shards currently, and also items you get from the Beginner NPC/start the game with will not (that’s intended). If anyone breaks down a new item they just got in-game and it doesn’t give a shard, please let us know what item it was so we can investigate.