Breaking down multiple items at once

I believe it would be handy to have a system in place where you can select multiple items at once to then be able to break them all down, instead of doing it one by one.


Any easier bulk-system got the disadvantage that you might destroy valuable gear more easily, accidentally, than with having confirmations for each. Which already happens alot with the current system also, though. I would actually like a system where you can mark items you wanna keep, permanently, as “never to be destroyed”, and then they got a tag like the loadout one which also can be removed again.


At least for gear, a simple way to do this would be to lock any gear included in a loadout (use the loadout flag to lock the gear). This would limit what you could protect to the gear that is included in loadouts though… :woman_shrugging:

I would like that since if you wanna change your loadout you do so consciencly and replace something so that one click to unlock them hurts noone

However there’s a ton of non-armor/weapon items which would need protection as well (ex. temple keys… endless story!!!).

Also the “typical” case of gear lost is likely when you do not have them equipped or in a loadout anyway (all those in loadouts I got in a separate tab). People just got them or work with them, scheduled to runetile before equipping them or such. So a separate flag to turn on/off whatever item in inventory, to make it indestructible, would still be helpful.

Destroy all will keep one of them as to not destroy all those that you have? A simpler solution on the devs side is to just add an if statement saying that if the player has the temple key in inventory then the key cannot drop. Like how shards work if you have them on you and kill an unscaled boss.


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