Brewbal runemage reagent


My suggestion is to make a brewbal runemage reagent posion so that players that want to make it using the couldrin in your player house can do so. sens it is a werry usebal item it coulde be a more “addvanst” brewing resepe whit more hard to find materials. that would be super fun to have in the game.


Brewable runmage reagent?
Runemage reagents are common drops, I dont see why you would brew it in the caldron, let alone spend rare ingredients to make one.


It is a matter of time and things you enjoy in the game. I constantly run out of reagents - least those to supply my stall - and begin to hate the mindless grinding for them (I farm with the musky) and I guess others are running out as well (hence the high market prizes each month, after all new vendors sold their stocks for cheap).
If there was a 10x recipe which allowed me to craft them with mats from farming or fishing - or buying those ingredients from the market, instead of the reagents themselves; or using stocks I have and rarely use like ores - it would be a nice alternative I would go for.