Bring a tradu mines like dungeon


it would be awesome to have a tradu lab in reborn and skywalk trype dungeon would be lots of fun and practice


^^^This, what she said.^^^


:joy:yep including Carlos

need a tradu mines like dungeon in orbus reborn


Let’s bring them all back :slight_smile: more content, more mob types, more fun!

I remember the thrill the first time I fought the Dragon in the Desert dungeon… That was amazing.


Iirc, they’d have to completely rebuild it from scratch since the new coding system isn’t using premade assets like the previous system was.

Would take a while to be sure, but I didn’t play oldbus, so I’m down with more dungeons when they get time to. :slight_smile:


Sparky had an awesome idea of creating a tunnel in Highsteppe that would allow you to go back to Preborn. Maybe a portal to switch servers or something, but to be able to fight dragons again? Oh yes…


it mit create a lot of server lag