Bring back shards in random queue

Taking away the ability to put shards in a random dungeon queue is not the fix for the issue. While there are issues with the current system of there being no choice if someone throws in a shard. Sometimes people go into random queue and the whole matchmade group is onboard with a shard. I enjoy queueing with friends and grinding threw a level 1 shard with a level 10 player. Somebody doing that is what go me to stay in orbus. Along with that there is a game among some end game players called shard roulette. We queue up with a party of 5 and will throw a shard into the dungeons we get. It adds a new excecitment to end game content that some players who have played a long time are missing. I think that at the start of a dungeon if someone throws in a shard a confirmation shows up and you can vote yes or no. It leaves and option for the ability to do this instead of flat out not allowing it at all.


Over the years, it had been brought up and reported a bunch of times that players’ experiences were griefed by others forcing them into a shard dungeon (or wasting their queue time) and we want to prevent that, so this was the easiest way to put in a stopgap until we have time to further implement something like the group accepting the shard on dungeon queues.

We’ll evaluate the situation and see what other options we would be able to implement in the future.
In the meantime, if you want to play a shard roulette you could still randomly select someone in the party and do their shard, right?


If there was a method to poll in game (maybe in Highsteppe) or in community forum, I feel like a lot of people would vote for a confirmation screen listing the following:
Shard Holder
Shard Level
Shard Affixes

With options of:
Not this shard,

I was once a green leaf recently (just passing 150 hrs played), and queueing into a shard roulette group was how I got some of my first experiences with end game content and people who were fixated on finishing it, regardless of what I contributed. It definitely demonstrated what end game players were doing, and what I could measure up to. Taking that away from 50 hour me would have been a huge loss for how I’ve made friends and how far along I’ve gotten.

Maybe all players must put their hand on the shard and grip it together to trigger the shard. Otherwise, when the player puts the shard in, it just sits on the pedestal and is not consumed until this action is done. Also let the player pick up the shard and “loot” it to take it over their shoulder to remove it from the pedestal.

This way you could discuss with the group if they wanted to shard, and proceed to do that.


Some way, any way to make it so you can still so dungeon queue shards but a person who does not want to do a shard does not have to.

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Thank you for putting in a stop-gap measure for now @Mathieu_D. We appreciate the thought.

As one of the Shard-Roulette players :joy_cat: it would be really nice if it is possible to implement the voting system.

A large portion of the fun with Shard-Roulette is that we have no idea what dungeon we are going to get until we appear in it and no idea which shard it is going to be as we all carry a variety of them for this event.

Whoever has the matching shard puts it in and we get to have surprise-fun-time! Which is awesome.

The temporary random-player measure suggested, while possible, kind of removes the fun of the complete-mystery the cue offers.


Cant you guys just make it like when the shards gets put in all have to click ready yes like the dungeon queue? It wouldnt even bother me when it would be the case at all shard dungeons. We would like that