Broken highsteppe smith

whenever i wave at the smith in highsteppe nothing happens i tried relogging and still the npc wont respond hope its fixed soon

Few questions for ya.
Were your weapons sheathed? NPCs won’t talk to you if you have a weapon out (if you’re shaman make sure your mask is put away. You can tell by checking to see if the items in your hip slots are showing up. If they aren’t, your mask is out.)

Assuming weapons are away,
Did you try restarting the client? Not just relogging, but straight up closing the whole program and rebooting it. That often solves issues for me.
What headset do you play on?

oculas rift and reinstalling the game would take too long

The npc named “apprentice smith” or the random npc bothering an anvil 24/7 with a hammer?

The “black smith” will not interact with you. As far as I know.

The “Apprentice smith” will.

ok hers an update the smith seems to weant to interact with me sometimes when i wave hi in there face. so maybe the devs need to give them glasses or something lol but yea the smith im talking about is the repair one

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