[BUG] Imprecise teleportation resulting in death


I don’t know if it was the Lamavora TP or the Mountain Crest TP, but earlier the wife and I took a portal I made to one of them. She went through, and properly ended up next to the teleport stone. I went through, and landed a ways away in a field of high level tigers, and was immediately mauled to death.

I’m pretty sure everyones supposed to end up at the same point right?


Thanks for reporting, we were aware of this occasionally happening, but still need to find the cause. If that happens to you again, can you send your output_log.txt to [email protected] ?

You can find them for Oculus: C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software\Software\orbus-online-llc-orbusvr\vrclient_Data\output_log.txt or on Steam at Steam\steamapps\common\OrbusVR\vrclient_Data\output_log.txt
Steam: Steam\steamapps\common\OrbusVR\vrclient_Data\output_log.txt



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