[Bug Report] Throwing Rangers trap seems buggy

When I want to use the rangers trap (which rarely happens due to it being so awkward to use) I most of the time struggle. THe problem seem that I really have to throw it with lots of power. I’d actually prefer if I could also just hold it and let go so it will fall directly to my feet. Can you maybe revisit the throwing-mechanic used for this? Out of all secondary abilities I feel like rangers traps, while a great idea, are just annoying to use. Thanks


yeah needs some acceleration on the throw. or maybe we can attach the trap to our arrow or something and shoot it?

Also what could be possible is increasing the hit box. I always get mobs walk directly over my traps…


This stap feel like there is glue on it.

Lol I agree it doesn’t throw as far as it should.

The funny thing is that this throwing mechanic was also there for the the Warrior sword and they removed it because some people threw it backwards and accurate throwing just didn’t work for all headsets and setups. So they removed it. But for some reason they still thought it could work for the ranger trap -.-

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That is not why they removed the sword lol

We all used it to break the game and get out of the map.

They never said that was the reason they removed it. It was the best mechanic, walking on the mountains :slight_smile:

And surely they could have easily added a “you can’t teleport to this area if this isn’t walk-able” mechanic. So I am sticking with my thought why they removed it :slight_smile:

The trap is definitely an issue. It’s only luck if you can actually let go of the thing when trying to toss it. At least half the time or more I can’t even toss it out a few feet without like reaching down to the ground and throwing it into the ground in front of me.

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Ye throwing the trap sucks a lot since it has a dead zone to prevent accidental throwing.
I would be fine with them removing that dead zone.


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