[Bug Report] Walking into house but coming out of another house

I bought the house near guild city. I can still go inside the house in the starter town (not sure if this is intended) but when I now leave the house I will be outside of my house in guild city. This is very disorienting, annoying …and just wrong. Hope you can fix this

If you bought the house in Guild City you should no longer be able to enter the on in Highsteppe, so that is the bug. I will take a look at your account later and fix that.

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When u r at it… in my chest in my house is a quest item I can not get rid of. It’s from the quest where I had to prepare for the festival. I could pick up two of em and now I am stuck with one of these. Could u remove that too? :smiley:

Hey Riley,

This happened to me about an hour ago, just so that you know in case it should have been fixed :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion but I think it would be great to own both houses and decide where our teleporter stone is linked to. It feels kind of weird to buy a new house in Guild City (an expensive one with a nice view on the fort and river and all) and not be able to get back to our Country house (Highsteppe) to… you know get out of town and relax… help some new players without having to buy it back :smiley:

Just my two cents


Right, the issue is that purchasing a new house does not remove your old house key so you’re still able to access it. This item is in our tracking system. Thanks for checking in :slightly_smiling_face:

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