(Bug/suggestion?) Runemage ult

The ultimate for the runemage is not the best - in that mages try to keep a medium/long range from the target. That and the ultimate has a 50/50 (I say 50/50 but its only landed for me once or twice so maybe a 20%) chance of hitting the target at close range.
I feel that the lazer hit box is a bit too small. I’ve tried to hit an enemy right next to me at point blank and no damage was dealt - either the spell wasn’t connecting or the spell requires an insane amount of aiming to get it to connect.

If this is true, could I suggest the ultimate be tweaked so it can be used more effectively?


Its worse than oldbus somehow. And oldbus’s hitbox on it was kind of bad to begin with.

I notice that mine misses the majority of the time unless I’m standing right next to the boss. I always see the beam shoot through the character model of the boss too…

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The ultimate is meant to be used at extremely close range from my understanding - which is odd because if a target is that close to you as a mage, you aren’t burning it down fast enough x3

If you look at ice lance, I think the spell shoots through the target too. I’m sure the two spells share similar code since they both function the same way. I wonder if ice lance shares the same concerns that the ultimate does.

It actually has a pretty long range, but it rarely hits from far away.

I used to be able to hit long range decently well, now it will miss unless I stick my wand inside the enemy, and even then its like a 20% chance it will just not hit anyway!

Very interesting

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